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Is this getting boring?


I easily frogged back the three and half rows of total pattern, to reknit three and a half rows of pattern on the top, stockinette on the bottom.

At least I'm getting the correct gauge. Last night I could have sworn that I was at only six stitches per inch (this based on the ultra-accurate eyeballing method of gauge calculation). But today, armed with a measuring tape, I measured and counted. Nope, seven stitches per inch. Score!

Let's take a break from my endless yammering about our Christmas vacation to do a little bloggy business. The new layout and design are working good, no? I'm very happy with the clean, sparse look, and the MT 4.0 software is a huge leap forward. I think that Steph did a great job managing it all. Like I said, it would have taken me months to figure all of this out by myself, and I don't have a good enough grasp on the technology stuff to know when something isn't right. I didn't think that it would make *that* much of a difference to upgrade, but wow, it really did. If you're on the fence about whether or not to go forward, I highly recommend doing it. I'm happy!


I've been playing around with toes up socks on four needles, but the 47 inch addi's have my interest piqued. Are you knitting two at a time or is it part of the magic loop magic?
I'll be hitting the red line again soon--and a brief trip to NYC, work stuff with no time to explore this time :( --requires a bus ride back--so sock knitting may be in my future.
I really love the look of the new site!

i'm glad that you like MT4 and the new blog look. i still have to iron a few things out behind the scenes, but it looks like comments are posting faster and the MT software is also running smoother. hooray!

hey! The socks look cool - I love the "ribbing" edge. Took a page out of your book - see what's up on my blog! Thanks for the idea....

Hi, Subway Knitter. Still reading your blog in Boston.

Whew! That really was a close call with the scarf. And, yeah, front loader washers don't felt--even a little.

I knitted the watermelon felt tote from VK On The Go Bags 2 (not exactly the title name), and I followed the directions for felting, putting it in a zippered pillowcase and throwing in a pair of old jeans for agitation, etc. I ended up having to felt the bag myself in the sink with really hot water (and rubber gloves). It came out absolutely adorable, and the watermelon button my daughter found really is the cherry on the top. The bag is for her, she picked it out herself. At least I don't have to worry about her outgrowing it. I used Lamb Pride yarn, and the colors are yummy. It was my first felted project.

Happy knitting to you!


I felted a bag in my front loader, so I don't think it is the front loader part.


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