First WIP of 2008

I have to admit that I'm rather excited about my next knit. Marie has entrusted me with test knitting a sock pattern. So, armed with her design, a hank of luscious Brooklyn Handspun sock yarn, and a 47-inch (120cm) Addi Turbo, I'm about to start.


It's been a while since I've expanded the knitter's bag o' tricks, and with this project I get to do it twice. First, because I'm using the magic loop method, and second because it's a toe-up pattern. I've wanted to try toe-up socks for a while now, and it's anyone's guess as to why I just haven't done it.

First off will be mastering the figure-eight cast on. It looks easy, but I'm betting that there's a learning curve. It also looks like something that can't be done on the train. Indeed, it cannot because it would seem that this technique involves two circular needles, and today I had with me only one. I couldn't find a seat on the train anyway, so I made do with reading the instructions a few times.

Then, it'll be on to magic loop. I have a vague memory of long ago working a sleeve with this method. If I recall it was a little tricky to start, but once you get your rhythm (as with all things) it gets easier. What I don't yet understand, however, is how to make the jump from the figure-eight cast on to the magic-loop method. It seems like I need to start with three needle points, and then somehow switch to just two. And when are the cast-on stitches officially "cast on"? After I knit them?

It's been a while since I've had to sit down and figure something out about a pattern. I'll probably need to frog and reknit a couple of times until I get this right, and I'll probably be back here in a day or two complaining about my own stupidity. Fun times. Stay tuned.

Now back to Christmas. As I said, Kate was mighty taken by a ball of yarn. Would she be as smitten by the act of knitting?


Seems so. Now, lest anyone get the idea that Kate sat on my lap for hours, mesmerized by the sight of wool being looped around needles, let me say that this moment was just that. Kate sat there for about 15 seconds before something else grabbed her attention and she was off and running (literally) to some other part of the house. My father just happened to have the camera at the ready.


I learned to do socks toe-up on two circulars this past year. It is such a fantastic way to knit them that I will, most likely, never go back to the cuff down method. And I will definitely never go back to double pointed needles for socks. In addition, it's just beyond wonderful not having to pick up stitches at the gusset. (My personal demon is picking up stitches.)

You are right, you will probably have to frog it a few times, but after that................................pure bliss. Good luck on the learning curve!

I've used Wendy's instructions for the figure-8 toe; they are excellent. You will probably need to tighten the stitches up a bit, but it's really easy to do, and the toe looks so nice inside and out.

Can't help with either the figure 8 or Magic Loop, kiddo. I've only just ventured into the land of Turkish cast on, which I think might be similar. You're a smart cookie so you'll get the hang of it in no time flat!

How serendipitous that your Dad had the camera handy. That photo is a keeper.

The figure 8 cast on only needed one do-over on my first attempt, and I'm sure you'll get it, too. Toe-up socks are useful, but I'm still partial to top-downs.

Your niece is too adorable!

I tech edited Marie's pattern! Oh, I'm getting nervous about you not understanding the pattern now...
"Figure 8" and "turkish" are 2 names for the same cast on. You do not need a 2nd needle to work this CO, just your one circ. Hold your 2 needle ends together (ends pointing in the same direction), then work your figure 8. You are done with the cast on! (Don't worry if the sts look too loose, you can pull then taut later). Now you need to knit those sts. Pull one needle through (the sts on that needle are now on the cable) and use that needle to knit the sts on the other needle. Then repeat on the other side.
I hope this is clear. Email me if you need more info, I'll be glad to help :)

Yeah, you don't need to have two circs for the figure eight cast on, just two needle tips. You'll be knitting the first round just by pulling out the bottom needle and knitting on the top. No worries. That yarn is beautiful!

you and kate look adorable - and that sock yarn is some goregeous colorway. Can't wait to see what it turns out to be.

ps groovy new look too. Such the NY sophisticate now!

i just finished my first toe-up heel-flap socks which will probably be my method of choice from now on (the short row heel doesn't give me enough room) once i figure out how to do the math for more gauges and sizes. and the magic loop -- love. -- especially on addi lace needles.

however, better than the figure 8 cast-on is judy's magic cast on ...

with a little practice i'm now able to do it with one circular needles and on the train.

however, the pattern i used

I have tried the toe up, figure 8 cast on a number of times. It wasn't hard, but I always seemed to fall apart about an inch into the toe. Probably just need to try again.

I love the colors in that yarn. It's gorgeous!

You will love the figure 8 cast on, it's all I use now (and I am not that smart, believe me). Magic Loop was a major revelation to me--have fun!!

What a cutie Kate is. You and Grandma will have her stitching before long.
Magic Loop, huh? Guess I'm going to have to get brave and try it, too. As you said , it is hard to do something that is going to make you feel inept when you finally are feeling "ept" at knitting! Life is all about challenges, though, so have fun. How neat that Veronique will be there to coach you through it!


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