Breaking Fiber News (sorta)

So, Sven and I are walking down Union Street in Park Slope last weekend, and I glance over to my right and see this:


This awning is new, put up within the past month or so. Can you read it? It reads "Fiber Notion". Fiber Notion, I wonder what that's about. I'm desperately hoping that it's not solely a yarn store (I like yarn stores as much as the next person, but really, how many does one neighborhood need?) Stitch Therapy is just up the road, and I like it (and it's closer to my apartment).

What I don't have abundant access to is fabric and sewing notions. For fabric, the closest place I know is BG (And BG rocks. I love it.). Sewing notions? I'll bet that I need to head into Manhattan for anything but a spool of thread.

So, with a great deal of excitement, I went to Fiber Notion's website. Hmmm, while there is fabric, the inventory seems geared toward quilters. Not that that's a bad thing. And perhaps the online inventory is slightly edited. I await the grand opening.

I wonder if they'll offer quilting classes. Yeah, that's just what I need for spring: another hobby.


Hmmmm, sounds like an interesting place actually. I'll bet that they have a wide range of fabrics, not just quilty stuff. I'd be game to go in and check it out.

On a side note, that's the "K" in the circle in the address bar for your site? It looks like the Kiwannis symbol my dad would wear on his lapel pin.

There used to be a place called "Sew Brooklyn" where I learned to knit. They offered quilting classes also. I really don't know why they closed, but it was a great little store. (It was on 7th at 3rd St--by the post office). FYI, there's a really great place to get remnant cottons for quilting in my neighborhood. 3rd Ave and 83rd Street. $3 per yard, but they have some really great prints.

Stitch Therapy is on my block! We must be neighbors...

I'm a Park Sloper too. And there is a great new place for fabric AND sewing notions on 5th Avenue... I think between 4th and 5th (maybe 5th and 6th... I tend to wander without noting for sure) called Brooklyn Mercantile. It looks mostly like a homegoods store from the window, but the back has crafty things. Notions galore! Enjoy!

How exciting for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it will be everything you want it to be.

I'm hankering after some quilt-making at the moment...

OMG, more notions in Brooklyn would be such a nice thing. I save up a list for ages and then head into the depths of the Garment District for what is usually a very arduous collection process. But if it's quilting, I doubt they'll have loads of invisible zippers and such, sigh.... But still, anything would help.


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