And I Got Frisked Twice

Wow, has it really been two weeks away? It was a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable time, but it's good to be back to the normal routine in New York. The trip was, overall, a resounding success, I just wish that some of the details had been a bit smoother. Interestingly, all those details somehow revolved around Heathrow (long delays, flight cancellations, lost and damaged baggage). And, because I look so suspicious, I got frisked not just once, but twice. Actually, it wouldn't be a trip through Heathrow if I didn't get frisked. Every time I use that airport, without fail, I am always subjected into extra searches. That, and my wristwatch breaks. I'm not making this up. These two things alway happen. Whenever I get close to London something goes wrong with my watch. This time the battery died two days before the trip began.

Anyway, I'm happy to see that was once again I was able to stick to tradition. My baggage liked Heathrow so much that it decided to stay an extra day.


You're back! I thought that I had created an enormous problem for myself by attempting to change the bags' delivery address midstream. I thought that American Airlines at JFK would have the capacity to accept one delivery address on Sunday, and another address (my office) on Monday. Apparently, never in the history of American Airlines or the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, has anyone ever attempted something so brazen as to request this. So, despite being told initially by American Airlines that changing the delivery address after a day would be "no problem," it was indeed, "a problem." Luckily, the address change never worked its way through the impenetrable system of the baggage department at JFK, and the delivery service redelivered my luggage the next day to my home. And luckily I was able to zip home quickly to pick it up.

Anyway, this is a knitting blog, not a travel blog.

Maybe all this is just to disguise the fact that I took a two-week break from knitting. Yep, I have minimal progress to show for all the time that I spent in planes and trains. Why? Well, I was a bit of an eager beaver in the days leading up to Christmas. So eager, in fact, that I noticed a distinct twinge in my right-hand wrist on the outgoing flight. While some knitters would pop some Tylenol and keep on going, I am not that kind of knitter. So, I stopped.

Then, simultaneous with landing in Germany I came down with a whopper of a cold. Cold + jetlag = not so good. In fact, I didn't think that I truly adjusted to European time while I was there. Then again, now that I'm back in New York I want to go to bed every night at 8:30, so something must have happened.

I've got some catching up to do in the next week or so. Stay tuned.


I'm envious that you got to go Germany over the holidays. Did you at least find nifty yarn?

Welcome back. i hope the cold didn't slow you down too much.

traveling to europe over the holidays is always a trial for me without having to go thru heathrow. for several years in a row, my bags would end up making it to france just a couple of days before i was scheduled to come back to the US.

Hey Coleen,
I am glad you and your luggage are safely back home:-) Don't feel too bad, my mom is always the "person of interest" I am hoping that she doesn't make any scenes-she has promised to next time and is a woman of her word. Feel better soon.

No need to leave the country to lose luggage. The grayhound bus compnay lost mine and I was on the bus with it for at least 3 of the states I rode thru. But at least they found it for my return trip home exactly on the day of departure. Isn't that great service for you. I did have quite of bit of knitting time on the bus and I didn't have road rage from the driving. Needless to say I have a new personal hygiene kit and bunch of new undergarments.

You see? Some people just aren't meant to leave the country. Or enter other countries.
Looking forward to seeing some travel photos and hearing tales from the trip.

Well, you certainly sound like a New Yorker to me! We all feel that way about the Port Authority, especially when they hike the tolls.

Glad you're back.

Perhaps getting frisked is an act of endearment at Heathrow...
Love the new look!

Welcome back Colleen! Glad you finally got your luggage! I get frisked at Heathrow too, we must have the wicked look of a knitter ;)

well, i'm glad that people are able to leave comments on the new design! glad to see you're back. i've only been frisked once at an airport in san fran!

Ooh, Gleek has been hard at work on your site! I love the new commenting page.
I've been wanting to go to bed early and wake up late since the holidays... I just can't adjust to being back to work!

wooo.....nice new redesign!!! Welcome home, glad to hear you are in one piece.

Welcome Back! Your site looks great.


I wonder if Heathrow is trying to get back at Americans for rebelling 200 odd years ago. Not the people in Heathrow, but the inanimate structure of the airport itself.


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