A Close Scrape

Coming to you wirelessly from Chez Subway Knitter BKLN! Sven hunted down a wireless router on Craigslist over the weekend. (Not only did he save money by doing this but he also reduced electronic waste. What a guy!) He's got me all set up so that I'm able to sit down on the couch and use my computer without dragging an Ethernet cable across the apartment or swiping internet access from an unsecured connection (not that I ever did that, ahem.)

Anyway, do you want to hear about my close call? Knitting wise, that is. You do?! Great! Wednesday night tends to be laundry night 'round these parts. I'm not sure why that's become its official designation, but whatever. Last Wednesday was a big one. You know those times when you decide that you need to wash every single textile in your place? That was Wednesday.

So, in the spirit of laundry night, I threw a load of sheets into the machine. Unbeknownst to me, however, I accidentally scooped up my Cascade 220 (non superwash) garter-stitch scarf. It's a simple little thing that I knit years and years ago. The scarf was my first FO, and despite its wonky gauge and the occasional (inadvertent) slipped stitch, I love it. The scarf is warm, soft, and goes with just about anything.

Anyway, I threw those sheets (and the scarf) in a hot-water wash. I added detergent, OxyMagic powder, and fabric softener.

Then I went away. When I came back to throw the sheets in the dryer, imagine my surprise when my scarf tumbled out. A Cascade 220 scarf that, despite a hot-water wash, remained unfelted. And you know that Cascade 220 felts like a dream. So what's the no felting about? Could it be the front-loading machine? Is it really true that front loaders don't felt?


At least my front loader doesn't felt. And that makes me one lucky knitter. One lucky knitter with a nice, clean scarf that's none the worse for wear.


I made a hat for my son for his birthday from the same pattern as my husband's "we call them pirates" hat. As my in-law's were admiring my son's hat, my MIL tossed off a "Dave, where's your hat?". My husband's answer? "oh, I'm washing it now." Gulp! Yes, in the machine. With other things. On "high" agitation. Believe it or not, it still fits--now it is truly a "skull" cap. Wish I was as lucky as you! (Husband has been duly berated).

i'm shocked. i've felted cascade 220 in my front loader in ONE attempt on hot water -- multiple times (sophia bags). I wonder if it was because of all the other things in the load -- i think i only had one or two items in besides the bag(s). LUCKY you!

Oh, my front loader felts!! Ask my husband who graciously threw the boys' laundry in the wash yesterday and when I went to fold it discovered that my first born's first handknit Christmas sweater was in the load. Cascade 220, in fact.

I have a top loader that I tried to felt a garter stitch box made out of manos del uraguay and nothing happened. The colorway was a mixture of olive and a very pale oatmeal color.

I considered it might be that the pale strands of yarn were made superwash by the bleaching process. That's all I could come up with. It's a stretch, but maybe it is the same with you scarf.

It sounds like you are pretty lucky though lighter colors are not (always) as likely to felt.

I made a scarf a few years ago that I decided to felt because I thought the gauge was a little too big. Not the best idea I had. It felted a little bit too much (but it doesn't look bad and gets worn, which is the important thing).

I've tried to felt 2 projects in my front load machine, and one felted beautifully and the other only fulled a bit. Now the really curious thing is...they were made out of the same yarn! (different colors and a different pattern). Who understands the vagaries of the wild front loader!

Lucky little scarf! I've also felted in my front loader and had things survive being run through it. I guess it depends on the will of the item.

Lucky you! It's a shame to lose a favorite scarf...

i've also accidentally washed my koigu socks a few times and they have yet to felt on me. maybe it's karmic somehow? :)

What a lucky escape! Perhaps, unlike cats, that scarf actually has nine lives...

Whew--you dodged a bullet on that one!

Lucky you (and lucky scarf). My front loader does felt. But it sounds from the comments above that it is indeed the "will" of the item that shines through sometimes.

perhaps it was superwash after all?

or maybe it was so enmeshed in with the sheets that it had no room to get agitated.

Whoa! Glad I checked this out! I'm about to felt my first project in my front loader and was wondering what might happen. I'll keep my fingers crossed with my Paton's merino wool.


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