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Snakes on a Plane?

Math on a train.


Remind me of this post when things go horribly wrong. I might also be writing the adjustments on the back of a restaurant receipt. Remind me of that, too, when I can't remember what I should be doing.

And speaking of horribly wrong, my comments. Totally busted. That's what I get for trying to fix the spam problem. Ironically, the only comments that can get through are the spam ones.

So Very Close


Despite being on the go almost constantly, I got loads of knitting done on my trip. Unfortunately this cardigan was supposed to be done for this trip, but then the original plan didn't consider that I would move house in between casting on and binding off. But, I'm not far behind. Perhaps I can wear this by the weekend. Or the Fourth? Maybe that's a better goal.

I'll pack my DPNs this morning. With a little bit of subway karma going my way, I should be able to bind off the shoulder seam somewhere between here and the office.

Wright On!

[Apologies: my comment script is down, and I can't fix it in time for this post. If you have something to share, please drop me an email.]

So, I'm back in New York, and ready to begin Day 1 of My Normal Life as a New Yorker (MNLNY), and honestly I'm a bit nervous about how I'll fit in. At least I know what to do during my commute...

Last week was all about the Mid West. First, Chicago, then Two Rivers, Wisconsin, then Racine. Last week was also all about Frank Lloyd Wright. I had to put down my needles to take a few photos.


I have to say, Oak Park, Illinois was yummy (and not just for the Wright buildings). This is the Arthur B. Heurtley House, I believe, designed by none other than FLW. Schwing-o (as a former colleague might have said when confronted with fabulous design). And that wasn't all the Wright we saw. We experienced Wright first hand!


Even the cardigan loves it! Okay, it might look like it's simply lying in the grass, but don't be fooled. It's swooning in architectural delight.

All in all, a good vacation.

Catching Up

I'm feeling pretty giddy this morning. Perhaps it's the coffee, or perhaps the tar fumes from my neighbor's roofing project (which smell weird, but surprisingly not horrific) are going to my head. Whatever's the cause, I'll take it.

I share with you something that I did this morning: I consolidated my Bloglines and Newsgator feed lists. About a year ago Bloglines became blocked at work. Apparently I was violating Rule #5 by attempting to access Bloglines. I could discover neither the text of Rule #5 nor of what it was a part. Newsgator, however, never suffered the same fate. So, what began as two identical feed lists slowly diverged as things were added and subtracted from one but not from the other. I hope that I can let the Newsgator list slowly fade into oblivion (never liked the format over there).

Add to that the fact that one by one all of my knitblog reads were being blocked (again with the Rule #5 stuff) and that meant that my blog reading (something I really enjoy) was slowing being stolen from me. And even when I could get to a blog, the photos and comment application were often off limits (yup, #5).

So, this morning, in a bit of internet housekeeping, I updated my Bloglines list. Whew! It's fun to be reading all of you regularly once again.

Something else I did (yesterday) was to get out and about. I had to buzz by Windsor Button one last time. Someone, please tell me where the WB equivalent is in NYC, because I know that I'm gonna need it. WB is just the right mix of a proper yarn store with a side of Michael's or AC Moore thrown in.

This greeted me at the door:


Mmm, Malabrigo Laceweight. And, the kind folk at Windsor Button also pointed out (hee, hee) that the Addi Lace needles are in stock.

Ah, Windsor Button, I'm going to miss you.

An Indication

An indication of how disorganized my leisure time has been: I cleared out all of the unread posts in my Bloglines account for the first time in months. And I cleared them out by actually reading the posts, not by clicking the "Mark All Read" option. I also spent at least two hours this morning clearing out all of the old junk comments that have come my way. I began the task thinking "I did this a few weeks ago." Not so. The last spam-free comment days were from late April. The next task will be to sort out some spam protection once and for all.

Disorganized does necessarily mean bad. I've had lots to do. Lots to do that didn't involve sitting in front of the internet. And that, as you might understand, has been one of many welcome changes. I don't think that I could have imagined any of this happening a year ago.

So, in another break from the usual, I'm simply enjoying the process of this cardigan. I know that I'm normally a product knitter, but this time I'm letting the product happen as it will and am letting the process envelop me.


As a temporary measure, I've enabled comment modification. This means that your comment won't show up on the blog until I approve it. Also, in my de-spamming spree I think that I accidentally banned some of you from commenting. Sorry! If you have problems posting a comment, drop me an email at colleen[st]subwayknitter[dot]com.

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