Whew! I made it!

Somehow the day got away from me yesterday, and I neglected to post:


It's Kate's finished hat-and-mittens set, all ready for gifting.

Kate's Orange Hat and Mittens

The Details:
Pattern (for both): from Anne Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

Needles: US10.5 DPNs for the ribbing, and US11 DPNs for the remainder.

Yarn: A bulky merino from Filtes Italian stuff I picked up at Stitch Therapy.

Did I like the yarn? Yes? Yes. I'm going with yes. The bulky yarn consists of many strands of a thin two-ply thread which are themselves plied together (Spinners? Am I explaining this correctly?) It was a wee splitty. Nothing, however, that I could not handle.

What would I do differently next time? I would jog the needles more when knitting the hat, to eliminate the slight ladder that formed at the join.

This project was a close call. I'm in Christmas denial this year, and I don't know why. I've got the Christmas carols blasting on the iPod (thanks Virginia for the rockinest Christmas mix of the year), my shopping is done (and so is my wrapping), and you can't walk two steps around here without bumping into some holiday thing. For some reason, however, the mere fact that in less than a week I'll be jingle-belling it with the Kate-ster hasn't yet registered.

Perhaps the reason is that early on Christmas Day I've got to high-tail it to JFK and get on a flight to Germany. I'll be spending a few days with Sven's parents (along with Sven, of course) and then we're off to do more visiting. And lucky for me Sven's family lives in places like Cologne and Prague, and skis near places like Innsbruck. Yup, it'll be a Subway Knitter European Tour. I'll be gone for the better part of ten days. I haven't really done one iota of packing for this trip, and as of some time tomorrow I've got to leave with everything I'll need for the next two weeks packed into a little suitcase.

It's not true, I guess, that I haven't done anything. I've made a list of Things To Not Forget. Look:


Have a wonderful time on your trip!! That sounds lovely :)

The hat and mittens look lovely! Have a fantastic trip, and may you find many yarn shops in your travels. ;)

hi - I live over here in Germany (Dusseldorf), and since you're going to be in Cologne, if you have time, you should stop in at Maschenkunst on Christophstrasse. Lovely yarn shop with equally lovely owner (Daniela).

That sounds like a GREAT trip. Take lots of pictures for those of us not skiing in Europe.


Congrats on getting the set finished. I'd been wondering if you got it finished, but didn't want to be TOO nosy.
Have a great visit.
And a great holiday!

That set is all kinds of cute, Colleen! I'm glad you were able to finish it.

I see you have your priorities straight, Madame Knitter. Enjoy your holiday abroad. We'll see you next year!

The hat and mitts turned out great! I'm so jealous! Sounds like European Vacation without Chevy Chase! There are wonderful yarn shops too so if you get tired of skiing there is always shopping! Have a great trip!


I hope you and Sven have a great trip! Happy Holidays!

Sometimes the simplest things are the nicest. Pretty knitting


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