What's Next?

So, now that I have a new scarf, what's next?

Well, obviously I also need a new hat to match the new coat. Who doesn't need a new hat? Who doesn't, indeed.


What's that? The orange doesn't match the scarf? I know.

Confused? Don't be. I'm not the only person who has a new coat this season. I got word from the Big Guy (i.e. Santa) that our girl Kate is on the list to have a new coat delivered directly to the Christmas tree. Mighty convenient, I think, as I'll be seeing Kate on Christmas morning. I've got to have some accessories ready to match the new coat.

Now, I can't show you a picture of the coat. You can't see it before Kate does. I, however, got a sneak peak so that I can get a jump on some holiday knitting.

In purchasing this yarn, I discovered a new (to me) Park Slope yarn store within walking distance of chez Subway Knitter BKLN: Stitch Therapy. It's a teeny store on Lincoln Place, just up from Seventh Avenue. So tiny that when I was there last Saturday a beginners crochet class was occupying almost the entire store, making browsing a bit difficult.

I didn't get a good sense of the yarn inventory, but from the quick glance that I made I would say that it's adequate enough for me to be grateful it's in walking distance. Let's just say that I didn't see any Astoria Woolease :-). I found what I wanted pretty quickly, with some helpful advice from the store owner (gotta love that). The yarn is a bulky merino, from Filtes (website is in Italian). and with its purchase I broke my pledge of knitting for Kate with only easy-care yarns. This is a handwash only. But for a hat and pair of mittens I think (hope!) that it's okay.

Okay, let the holiday knitting begin!


Delurking to say I'm jealous! I used to live on Berkeley Place, and was so excited when Stitch Therapy opened - and then I moved. The owner is really nice, as is her niece, who knit a lot of the stuff on display in the shop. Enjoy Park Slope - it's a great nabe. And make sure you eat at al di la.

i didn't know there was a yarn store there! definitely going to have to check it out :)

One of the best things about my job is the yarn store at the end of the block. I had a yarn accident today... and ended up getting some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock to make myself fingerless mitts, in red (to match my coat) and orange (to match my hat) colorway, to boot. Which won't match at all when I break out my light lavender winter coat... but at least I'll have fun making them!

Oh how beautiful will the hat and scarf be when it is finished. I love the color and it looks very scrumptious indeed.

ohhh, I love that store too. During the transit strike they fufilled many last minute gift needs (pompom maker? check. airplane knitting project? check. yarn to finish unexpectedly short scarf? check.). They are so so so nice, every time I buy yarn they always tell me they want to see it when I'm done (and then they notice it when I come back!)

ok- totally jealous you have a store within walking distance. This could be damaging to your wallet.


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