The Story of a Scarf

There's a new scarf 'round my neck these days.

Geez, Louise. This thing sure took long enough to knit. When did I buy the yarn? Columbus Day! And when did I last post about it? Wow, a long time ago.

I've kinda been putting off writing this post because I suspect that it's going to be boring as all get-out to read. But it needs to be written. You need to know what I've been up to.

Anyway, back to the scarf. As you can probably see, this is a nubbly, boucle yarn. It's soft and squishy, and very cosy and warm. All good things in something that's going to be around my neck.

Why then didn't I speed this scarf through to an FO? I'll tell you. Believe it or not, I knit this scarf not once, but two, maybe three times.

It had a pretty inauspicious beginning. A simple garter stitch panel.


Too simple, in my opinion. And too flat and stiff, as well. Okay, do over!

What's a knitter to do? Look for inspiration, that's what! Cruising blogs one fine day I came across Nik's own design of a drop-stitch scarf. This is the second time that Nik has inspired my knitting, and I'm grateful for it.

Would the drop-stitch pattern work with my yarn? There was only one way to find out.


Yup, not bad. At the suggestion of fellow Spider, Virginia, I placed the YOs ever sixth row, instead of every other row. While Nik lives in North Carolina, and can probably get away with a light-weight scarf most days, here in New York we need some thermal protection (especially today, brrrrrr).

I was happy with what I saw. I knit, I knit, I knit and I knit.

Meanwhile, fall continued on:


I filled an apartment with boxes:


I rescued my stuff from storage:


And I moved to Brooklyn:


The scarf was easily four-feet long at this point. I ignored that nagging sensation that was telling me that my scarf was to wide. I had enough going on in my life and I didn't need to be bothered by the details of what I was knitting, I just needed the feel of the yarn and the needles in my fingers. I kept knitting, and ignoring.

I ignored, I ignored, I ignored. Until I could ignore no more:


That darn thing is too wide (thanks Lisa, for the photo).

I frogged, I frogged, and I frogged some more. I started again. [Yes, I frogged the entire scarf. What good is a too-wide scarf? And why should I waste the money that I spent on that yarn on something that I would never wear?]

So, once again, I knit, and knit, and knit. Pretty soon I had something nice to show for it.


Here I am (thanks Nancy) with that look of concentration I seem to get when I'm engrossed in something (hey, at least my tongue wasn't sticking out).

There, now you have it. Now you know.


You're a better, more patient woman than I, Colleen. I can frog boucle maybe once, but I simply can't give it another chance after that. I always get too many loopy snags. But the FO looks great. Very pretty!

Lovely scarf and I am sure after all the work you put into it, it just may become a favorite piece.

As a beginning knitter I enjoy all you have to say about the work that goes into each item.

I have reworked a scarf 5 times just to get it right and finally happy with the end results.

Good Luck in your new home.

Very nice, worth all the effort!

The second to last picture =
When Scarves Attack!: what to do when stitches go bad.

hahaha, love that pic of you in the-scarf-that-ate-your-head!

I'm a scarf-knitter this winter .. have already made several each for the grandchildren .. made a black neckwarmer (a tube) for one of my sons .. a long skinny fringed scarf for my daughter-in-law, and am making a "knit-through-back-of-stitch" scarf for my son .. long .. 72 inches again! I already DO have one for me!

You followed what I did although I started out in the Bronx. That's where I was born. We moved to Queens when I was about 6 (Bayside Ave..not far from the Main St. Station on the No. 7 line)and when I married my ex I moved to Brooklyn (Boro Park to be exact - 47th st. & 18th Ave.)I moved out when the ex and I split. I'll be in NY on the 23rd - Brooklyn Crown Heights area.

That's just too funny! It's good to have an obsession project when you're going through hectic times. At least it wasn't a sock. (Imagine how that could have turned out.)

Ha ha! Knitters denial strikes again.

That's what happened with my sweater front that decided to be wide like the back! It turned back into balls of yarn and is ready to try again.

Ha ha ha - love the wide scarf picture.


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