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[Did anybody notice how Bloglines totally freaked out yesterday? My feeds, along with many others, had 200 new posts to read. And my subscriber numbers are all off (I'm embarrassed to say that I keep track of them).]

Look, we knitters and crafters are getting a three-page spread in this week's Time Out!

Even The Point gets a mention (as it should, being home to The Spiders). I like the neighborhood-by-neighborhood rundown of the city's crafty places, including my local fav' BG. Mmmm, Brooklyn General.

Time Out published its gift guide a few weeks ago, but this week's article (with associated sidebars) might help a few of the muggles in our lives with their holiday shopping. Do yourselves a favor and point them toward it!

Then sit back and make yourself a drink. Thea? Are you reading this?

[Let's hope, however, that none of our holiday knitting will qualify for this contest in 2008.]


Yeah, I had over 200 unread items twice yesterday, from only two blogs that exploded onto me.

Yes, I noticed it too...lost a bunch of subscribers...glad it wasn't just me...LOL I shamelessly watch that too.

That 200 new post thing happens to me a lot. Very annoying.

why, yes i am! too bad you aren't in Boston tonight, i'm actually making a few cocktails for some friends (of which you are one...) and we WILL sit back and have a drink (although the holiday knitting may or may not be done)

stay tuned and I'll post the recipes in a day or so. One's a champagne based pear/apricot thingy and the other is a wine based cocktail -- plus, of course, the requisite cider with rum and... Cointreau! Using my Hanukkah pressents (don't know if you saw) anyways, miss you xo

Thanks for those links, Colleen! That bead shop in the Flatiron district sounds very very intriguing...

Yes, I saw that. It was either Cookie or Norma. They're always breaking Bloglines.
OK, time to check out Time Out.

Yeah! My feeds went nuts, but they were back to normal this morning.

I was not me. Maybe it was Norma. She did have a lot of free time on her hands yesterday. Hmmm...

Thanks for another reminder that I live on the wrong coast. :p

Colleen, you are so funny! Bloglines was messing with my mind yesterday, to the point that I even called my brother and asked him if I had written something offensive that would have caused 80 people to desubscribe en masse from my blog. Yes, how embarrassing...

yep, i noticed that my subscribers were down too and i thought that i had done something to offend! i'm glad they're back where they used to be :)

It's a bug in Bloglines API - once in a while 200 posts are randomly spewn forth from blogs.


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