Let's Take A Break From Christmas Knitting...

To talk about Christmas shopping.


Too funny! Thanks, Amber, for pointing me towards it. I even think that I see my stop. Too bad that it's sold out (and no, I didn't buy it).

Okay, break over. Back to Kate's hat. As you might have expected, fixing the decreases took little time. The only part of this hat that makes me less than happy is the slight ladder that developed on the left-hand side. That was my join. In hindsight I should have moved my needles around a bit more as I was knitting. Oh well.


In fact, it took so little time that I had extra time (thanks to a longish subway ride to get my hair cut) to knit one mitten:


I'm starting to feel better about this.


I love the hat. It turned out great.

Cute hat! I miss making those small size things!

Yay! I'm so glad you liked it. All I could think of was you when I saw that! :)

The hat's looking great!

Great job on Kate's knitwear. Don't the baby mittens go SO FAST?

As for the necklace... she posted another one yesterday. It could be yours, (and Boston is there too for old time's sake).

Too Cute!
Ah the endless Jog!

I love the little baby hat and mittens and the color is so nice. I love when people make/give baby clothes in colors other than pink and blue

glad to see it all worked out, the set is adorable!

Ew, that hat in the previous post looks like the Lock Ness monster on top! Cool!

That yarn looks so soft and warm.

Great necklace, too!

Printable shrinky-dink material. Print your mta map on it, cut out, pop out holes, stick in the oven, thread on string or necklace. That stuff is awesome.


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