I Wasn't Planning to Blog Today

But what the heck? It's a few hours until I pick up the rental car, I'm up early, and I have things to say. Besides, I'm already packed. Really and truly I am! I'm so proud of myself. A couple of hours of diligent work last night and I have a full, and well-planned suitcase to show for it.


As a reward for all of my good work, why not knit a bit? Kate isn't the only one getting a new beret around here.

It's the Parachute Beret pattern by John Brinegar, which is a house pattern at The Point. I had been eying it for weeks, and I finally decided to jump. I'm knitting it in some Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky. To call this stuff "yarn" is a bit of a stretch; it's more like lightly spun roving. Still, I like it. And because the fabric made from the yarn is rather stiff in structure (but still feels soft) I think that it'll hold the shape of this beret just fine.


Lucky for me I "thought" to pick up an extra set of US15 DPNs when I was at the Spiders. For "thought" read "bought a set because she couldn't remember if she had any at home". Since I'm leaving town today, I'll have limited access to yarn stores for a couple of weeks (although Allegra did point out Maschenkunst in Cologne) and I knew that I couldn't get home only to find that I lacked a set. I would be screwed! Well, turns out that I now have two sets. [Of course, at the time I knew that if I purchased the needles, that would guarantee finding a set at home....]

But with all the increased necessary for this beret, it's not such a bad thing to have a few extra needles. I appreciate having these bulky stitches spread out among eight DPNs.

So, will I be able to wear this hat through airport security on Tuesday? Only time will tell.


It all depends on whether you want to block it or not! Enjoy Koln, and don't miss the big honkin' cathedral!

I think it'll be done by tuesday! That yarn is freaking huge :)

Have a great trip!

Can't wait to see pictures of the beret. That yarn is very unique.

Merry Christmas!

That is going to be the warmest hat ever! Have a great trip, and a wonderful visit with Kate. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Hmmm...I see a new blog in the future...Airline Knitter.

Have a great trip and a lovely holiday!

Safe travels, Colleen and Sven!

Hope you had a safe trip. And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Stopping thru via Anna's blog. Cute mittens! Those are the ones you were talking about on Ravelry!

And I so need for you to ML with all those jumbo DPNs! Haha!

That Twinkle stuff is crack! I made a scarf out of it and it's so chunky and soft- you're totally right that it's more roving than yarn.

Did you find the Twinkle yarn to feel alittle moist too?


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