I Need to Get MOVING!

This was the scene that greeted me:


Kate's hat, and it's nowhere near completed. Christmas is slightly more than a week away, but I think that the hat needs to be done, blocked, and wrapped before I leave for my parents' house this weekend. It's just bad form to be knitting Kate's gift in front of her.

And if you recall, there's not just a hat to be knit, but a pair of mittens, too. A pair of mittens! I had better get cracking.


I keep telling myself that there's plenty of time before leaving for home... and hopefully it will come true! Can't wait to see the mittens, too.

Just be glad she's not a big kid yet - little head, little hands. You got plenty o time....

It won't be too bad. Those little mittens are about adult-thumb-sized. :) It's a cute color, too.

You can do it! Heck, I have a man's sweater vest to start and finish yet! Hopefully it will make it to the needles tomorrow. We finally have knitting weather. Its hard to knit when you are still running the sir conditioning!

You do have the size of the recipient on your side. I still need to make a pair of mittens for my 6foot 3inch tall nephew. Yes, he was a cute toddler once, too. Liked cowboy boots back then. TMI, huh? And we are having Christmas in that branch of the family on Sunday morning! Have a great visit and Merry Christmas, Colleen.

Love the colour, Colleen! I know you'll be able to pull off the "hat trick" just in time!


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