Fun With Illustrator


Yup, a little housekeeping is in order 'round here. Gleek's kindly signed on as my MT consultant, and has already figured out quite a bit of my posting and commenting problems.

I'm really excited about the new look. A girl's gotta move with the times, you know. That graphic's a clue.


Look forward to seeing the new look for Subway Knitter.

A new look for a new year, how fitting! Can hardly wait to see the changes.

hahahah, i LOVE the poster. yep, big changes around here. should see something new in a week or so.

Wee! Have fun with the redesign!

Ooh, a NYC subway look!

Oooh, looks like it's going to be awesome! Whee!!!

Looking good! Just don't lose the speeding train banner. I love that.

Just in time. News up here in Beantown is the Boston transit system is the slowest going.I look forward to faster, more convenient posts that run into the wee hours of the evening!

man, that's going to be so cool.


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