Where My Stitches At?

Here, yo:


I stripped off my shirt and tore open the package as soon as I saw it. My Ravelry T-shirt has arrived!

Tell me that I'm not the only one to be so excited about this.


Looks great! I'm still waiting for mine, somewhat impatiently...


oh.. and a belated congrats on your Charlie Card mittens in Interweave :)

I slept in mine last night! Ahh.. your boston fan base misses you! But, i am making charlie card mittens for a friend who rides the commuter rail each day!

Oh, I've been looking for mine!

I can't wait for mine to arrive! Hopefully this weekend... They look great!

I just got mine! I can't find my camera, however for the requisite blog photo!

I just got mine! I can't find my camera, however for the requisite blog photo!

Got my IK the other day there were your mittens! Congrats! I hope my t-shirt is waiting for me today, too!

you're not! I'm still waiting for mine, hopefully today or tomorrow! :)

Heck no! I got mine in gray on Wednesday. Totally made my day.

i'm still waiting. i ordered 2. why aren't they here!!

yay! i'm so excited to get mine.... and so jealous that i don't have it yet!

Mine came too! And I've worn it for two days. Love it!

I can't wait for mine to arrive. I'm so excited!

I received mine in today's mail too! Cool, yours looks great.

Lucky duck! Mine is one of those "will be shipped later" tees, so I don't expect it for a few more weeks. :(

I'm waiting very (im)patiently for mine.

Sob! Yours looks terrific! I won't be jealous. I promise. Mine have yet to arrive...

I think it's lovely :-) I am a tad jealous, but it is still lovely.

Yay, Ravelry tee! I can't wait for mine to arrive so I can be your west coast twin.

I totally did the same thing with my "I swatched ravelry" one, because, you know, I had to get the black ;)

Ahh lucky!!!!!! I am so excited for mine to arrive :D

Okay. What is this Ravalry and how do I get a shirt? I'm going to go visit the site now. Bye.
Knit on!

Ooooh look! I'm still waiting for mine - did you think that it ran a little small?

Not that I'm saying it looks tight on your or anything!! Just that I saw one on Friday, and it looked smaller than the size it was.

Aie! I got my shirt when I returned home from a conference (hence the very late comment) and did the same thing. Wish I could wear it to work! Love live Ravelry!

You are not the only one :) I got mine on Friday too, So exciting! I wore it Sunday. No one commented on the phrase on the front, I was dissapointed ;)

You're not the only one excited by this....I was giggling like a nut....

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