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To blog.

It's a good thing that I'm not participating in the NaBloMoPoZoJLoCoCa or whatever it is this month that's motivating people to post once a day during November. The only part of that I have down is the "blo" as in "blowing it".

I would like to offer a hearty thank you to everyone who has stopped by with a kind word about my Interweave Knits debut. To those who guessed, yes, the pattern is none other than my CharlieCard Mittens.

Maybe that's why I needed a few days to think about things this week. How things have changed since the Charlies' debut way back in January. A friend of mine once mentioned the concept of LSUs, or life-stress units. All large life events carry a certain life-stress value, and one should stay below a certain amount of LSUs for the year.

Although I haven't sat down to calculate the LSUs of 2007, I suspect that I am way over my limit, and it's starting to show. I'm looking forward to a stress-free 2008 (yeah, right).

But, in happy news: the socks are done, and just in time ("Hello, New York, this is cold, windy, rainy November here, ready to suck the joy out of your life.")


Just about nothing can suck the joy out of me when I'm wearing handknit socks. These must be good for the LSUs, no?

My New Socks, The Details

Pattern: Umm, pattern? I don't know. Cast on 64 stitches, K1P2 rib for 8 inches. Knit 6 rounds stockinette, then begin Wendy's short row heel instructions. Return to stockinette until your sock measures 2 inches less than the length of your foot. Again use Wendy's short-row heel instructions. Kitchener the seam. Repeat for second sock.

Yarn: Claudia Handpainted, "Walk in the Woods". Two hanks.

Needles: US2s, DPN

What I liked about this knit: The short-row heel instructions. Although initially I found the instructions to be a bit fiddly, I'm a complete convert now. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing this technique with us.

What I would change next time: Note to self, next time try a sock with 60 instead of 64 inches. I'm trying to see if that might result in a snugger long-term fit.

Final comments on the yarn. Would I buy some Claudia again? While the yarn feels wonderfully soft, the answer is probably not. I'm really put off by the mismatched hanks. Thank goodness that these aren't a gift. I have some more Claudia in the stash, and next time that I knit socks with it I'll scrutinize the hanks more closely to see if I can achieve a better match.


I've knit one pair of socks in Claudia's. I love the feel of them but think the overall fabric is very delicate (knitted on US1's) and not in a good way!

I've had Claudia's where both hanks have been perfectly matched and I've had others where I couldn't believe it was the same dye lot. I love working with the yarn, though, so I keep buying it.

Congratulations on being published! I can say I knew ya when...
And good luck on the SLU for '08. You should do better now that you've had so much from '07.

You had a LOT going on this year. I think once you're settled down in your new place, things will calm down, no?
Glad to see the short row heel worked for you. I *always* get holes when I do the regular double wraps. But not with the Misocrafty short rows!

Congratulations on your mitten pattern being published! They look great, and the story they published to go along with them was also very nice.

Colleen, congratulations on having your pattern published in IK!

I can add no comment on your socks, Claudia yarn, or sock knitting in general. I must confess, I just don't get the sock knitting thing.

Colleen, congratulations on having your pattern published in IK!

I can add no comment on your socks, Claudia yarn, or sock knitting in general. I must confess, I just don't get the sock knitting thing.

Colleen, congratulations on having your pattern published in IK!

I can add no comment on your socks, Claudia yarn, or sock knitting in general. I must confess, I just don't get the sock knitting thing.

Yeah hand-knit socks make me feel like I can face anything too. I like the LSU concept. I'd hate to count mine, here's to a lower lsu 2008 for us all.

Congrats on being published! That's just wonderful!

And congrats on finishing the socks they look great

Last fall I knit a pair of CharlieCard mittens for myself modeled after yours and I used them ALL WINTER. It's still a great idea, and it deserves to be published!

Congrats on your pattern.

I loved working the Claudia Handpaint, but I bought two skeins of a semisolid, so there weren't any real obvious differences between the skeins. I'm never quite as sure when I see yarn with more variation whether it will knit up in a pleasing fashion (though someone recently knit the Lorna's Laces as tube socks and was able to happily maintain the striping without the pooling most people complain about).

I've been reading but not much commenting these days. Please also accept my congrats on your IK showing. It's the only thing I've read so far in the issue!

Congrats on getting published! I thought it was priceless that a gentleman couldn't believe you were the pattern writer of the wonderful mittens.

Okay, is this odd? When someone we know only online gets a pattern published, we want to point out the pattern in the magazine and tell our family and friends..."I know her!"

If wearing handknit socks keeps the stress at bay, then here's hoping you plenty of the joyful footwear for 2008!

- Karen

p.s. I recognized CharlieCard Mittens right away. Good for you!

Lovely socks, and I'm totally going to be knitting a set of your mittens. They'll solve the "where the heck is my SmartCard now?" issue... or turn it into the "Honey, have you seen my mittens?" issue. Don't care, I'm making a pair as soon as I get my paws on the issue!

I saw your interview in Interweave, as well as the pattern; it refers to you living in Boston, which you haven't since sometime this summer.
The lag time between content and publication for magazines always amuses me.

Those socks are lovely! I'm with you on the not posting everyday..omce or twice a week is more my speed with the blogging.
Big congtratulations on the IK, I will look for it, I just subscribed.

I just want to add my congratulations!
the CharlieCardMittens are brilliant and I love the interview on IK.

When using hand dyed yarns. I knit both legs from one hank and both feet from the other.

I just knew that was your pattern! I was browsing a knitting magazine at the market yesterday and what did I spoot but a pattern for Subway mittens! I know someone who designed mittens like that I thought, and sure enough, your name was credited as the designer. Congratulations! :)

I knit 3 socks from 3 skeins of Claudia's in Chocolate Cherry. All the same dye lot. All three look entirely different. It's taken me since April to decide which two make a pair.

Congrats on getting published in Interweave Knits! I'm looking forward to making my own pair of mittens.


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