Subway Knitter Moving Boxes Edition

The time has come for chez Subway Knitter QNS to become chez Subway Knitter BKLN:


The knitting? It's just a simple scarf with dropped stitches. I told you that I'm all about the chunky accessories this year. The yarn is the Curlz that Shireen made me buy at String.

I spared the blog most of the drama and the emotions of getting to this point. Unfortunately, I didn't much spare those around me. Believe me, no one is happier about the moving than I am. Even those who were subject to my non-stop tirade about the ridiculousness that is real estate in New York City. Not even Sven who, as I write, is mired amongst moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, making sure that all his worldly goods are safely stashed. The Spiders Official Movers (tm) are arriving bright and early tomorrow morning.

I hope this explains the silence of the past few days. Between packing, painting, IKEA-furniture assembling (gotta love those Pax wardrobes) and sleeping, there wasn't much time for me to knit or blog.

Stay tuned for exciting tales of knitting on the 2/3!


Good luck with your move! I feel like real estate everywhere (read everywhere I'd want to live) is pretty ridiculous.

I hope the move goes smoothly!

Yay! Hope this means a reunion with your crafty supplies in the storage facility is coming soon. :)

Oh, moving can be the worst. Be sure take some stress-busting time!

I hope the move goes well, and I'm glad you found something to move into. Just remember that it will all be over soon.

Woo hoo! This is very exciting :) So, when do you get your sewing machine out of storage?

Happy moving. I find alcohol really helps once you are in your new place.

May everything arrive in the same amount of pieces that it left in! =)

congrats! yay that it's actually finally happening! i'm so happy for you.

I'm with Debbie--lots of wine at the end of it all. First to celebrate, second to recover from moving again so soon. Hope you get to reunite with your crafty supplies and sewing machine soon. And hope you enjoy getting to know your new new neighborhood!

Good luck with the move!

Good luck with the move. And I hope you'll have enough space for that sewing machine and all your other toys.

Wow - I guess I don't know the backstory, but Queens to Brooklyn is a big move! Did you not like Queens, or was the goal always Brooklyn and you had to take a detour first?

I lived in Queens for four years; I like New Jersey much better!

Good luck with the move and all that stuff - although from everything I've heard, it will all go well with the movers :)

oh yipee! brooklyn is the best! it must feel good to have the hardest moving part behind you. Now you get to put your life back together!

congrats and good luck. Love Brooklyn... what could be bad?

Good luck on the move! I'm sure you will be so excited once ensconced in your own place.

Hi there- i've been thinking of you. Despite your constant slandering of me in your postings. :) Good luck with the move!

good luck with the move! hope everything goes happy and smooth.

Have a lovely move - or at least a tolerable one (I hate moving!) Protect the fiber, at all costs.

Welcome to the borough of Kings! Happy moving!

Bon voyage! The goal of settledness is so worth it. Just grit your teeth.

Congratulations! I just saw your pattern in the IK magazine. How cool is that!

I hope this move goes well and the end results are better than where you are now.

Chunky accessories are in this year or at least I think they are, I've been seeing them everywhere.


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