And it feels so good.


I hope that it likes its new home.

Serious question here. This machine has been sitting around for the past five months. It probably needs some kind of tune-up or overhaul. Is there such a thing for sewing machines? Where do you New Yorkers take your machines?



There IS such a thing as a sewing machine tune up. I get mine done about once a year. Generally, a shop that sells them can direct you to someone, if they don't offer the service themselves. It keeps mine humming right along! Congrats on the new home for you and your machine!

There is a great place on the UES that I take mine to for really basic things.If you want the name I can post it. Or you can go to Sew Right in Queens, they have great service and it is not a bad trip from Brooklyn if you have a car.

thanks (not) for the ear worm.

Tuned? I've never done that, and I've had my sewing machine for about 8 years! Oops...

Great Day! If the machine hasn't been getting dusty, you can follow your how-to-use-the-machine-book's instructions on how to oil it, and that should do it. If it is looking like the oil on the crankshaft (underneath) has dirt in it, the book will tell you to find someone to clean it. The "delicate parts" inside should be cleaned by a pro. Vacuum cleaner stores that do repairs frequently work on sewing machines. Enjoy sewing again!!

I clean and maintenance my machines, and it's easy enough. But, as the otehrs have said, google for sewing machine servicing.
Oh, I just noticed it's a Kenmore. Call your local Sears. My mom takes hers in to them for servicing and cleaning.

Hooray! Enjoy your time together!

Happiness is a warm sewing machine!

I hope your knitting needles don't get jealous...

Hi! Colleen: Glad you have a new home, for you and all your things. I have been cleaning and found so much to get rid of whew! Provided your machine was working ok the last time you sewed, all you need to do is set it up. Have some soft clothes or ready wipes to clean it off everywhere your hand can touch. On the shaft, just use the soft cloth and run it up and down by hand if it feels ok, no tugging or pressure to go up down - it should be fine. Then try a piece of scrap cloth and see how it stitches.
You would probably only need a drop of 3 in 1 machine oil and your good to go. Until you notice something strange - like tension on thread is off. Will not sew backwards. etc Have a great time.


i've had mine for seven years and never tuned it. it's a kenmore as well.

Yeah! Welcome home sewing machine. Get out of your box so Colleen can inspire me!

yes! I was hoping that would be your opening line. my sewing machine needs a serious overhaul too...last christmas-ish I sewed adhesive-backed velcro on to fabric. Bad idea it turns out.
So now the whole works are gummed up. Maybe if I sew some Goo-Gone soaked fabric it will have the opposite effect =)

Good Luck in your new home, as for me and my sewing machine I use canned air if I haven't used it in a while. IF you use oil yourself be sure to test drive several scraps of cloth through the machine.

I've had my machine for well over 30 years and in the last 20 it has never needed tuning up. Good Luck

Hello Subway Knitter,

I've been reading your blog for a while without every posting a comment, but that's about to change: I've nominated you for the 'You Make Me Smile' Award.

Thanks for making me smile,

E-J-V (Evelien)

You have to maintain those thing? Mine has been sitting around (getting occasional use) for 12 years or so and I've done nothing in the way of maintainence! There's oil involved? Where does the oil go? Good luck!

(of course, this from one who is lax even about cleaning her contacts...thank god I have been to do the laundry!)

There's a real gem of a sewing machine fix-it guy at Meg's Sew & Vac on Broadway just west of Steinway street in Astoria. -- L.


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