Occasionally, usually when I'm on the telephone listening to someone's life story, I read the Missed Connections section on Craigslist. I find it so silly.

This one, however, needs to be taken seriously. The knitter sought wasn't me. I'll add that it would be a moot point if it were me, because I'm off the market. I point this out because I often hear women lamenting that knitting's never going to net them a date (it's netted me a few, but that's a story for another time). Yeah, sure, if you sit at home on your couch night after night you'll never meet a soul. Take that scarf to the meat (mutton?) market that is the A train, and well, all bets are off. I think whoever this was has a real chance with this guy. He thinks you're sexy. If he digs your (handknitted?) hat, then you have something in common right there, because you dig that hat too. You know what I say? Love me, love my knitting.


I'm envisioning a John Cusack - Ashley Judd Christmas romantic comedy, brilliant!!!

That would make a great movie...

Sadly, I know that there is one guy in the greater NYC area who exclusively tries to date knitters because he has an itchy sweater fetish.

Luckily I did not get this knowledge from personal experience, but from a good friend and fellow knitter who went on a date with this guy.


I'm off the market too but remember about a year ago when I was sitting at a happening bar during Happy Hour waiting for my girlfriends to show up. I was knitting away on something and I suddenly realized that the good looking bartender and all the other men around the bar were talking to me and ignoring all the other attempts from the obviously single and looking females. Last time I got such great service I was dating the bar owner! Sigh, if I'd only known this was the trick when I was single!

In my former job, my coworkers would read aloud their favorite MC posts. It brings back memories.

I know so little about Craigslist. It would make for an interesting movie.

I get chatted up on the A train so often, but it's usually by women or the guys with the african drums who provide "entertainment"

Maybe I should try taking the A downtown more often.

Right on sister! Love me, love my knitting! My husband swears there are sparks coming off my needles this time of year!

And I thought I was the only one who read the missed connections........

this is obviously me and my le slouch. or not.

That's hilarious. I hope they find each other (as long as he's not icky weird). ;)

Hi Colleen,
I knew there had to be more like me and the occasional knitter/crocheter I see on the trains. I moved from the midwest about 1.5 years ago. After a month in Brooklyn I realized I was going nowhere very quickly in my car (and the parking was even worse), and I sold my card and bought a 30-day metro card.
I started knitting on the B44 and then the B11. I've moved up to the 2 train and sometimes the Q. The Q is nice because it's above ground for a bit of the ride.For a yokel like me it's great for sight-seeing especially over the Manhattan Bridge. I also enjoy the BM 1 or 4 for enjoying a truly civilized ride while gawking at the glitter on 5th Ave.
I find I choose trains according to the likelihood of finding a seat to be able to knit. It's amazing how many conversations have been started by those who knit (and often ask for advice - especially about circular needles), who have knit, want to start again or to learn for the first time. Have you noticed how many people seem mesmerized by the knitting? By the way, if you ever see me, feel free to offer some tips...
One last thought. or rather fantasy: I imagine being confronted by some muggers. When they ask me to choose - the money or my life, I whip out my addi turbos, the lights glistening off the steel tips and ask in my best C. Eastwood voice, "You wanna mess with me...you really want to mess with me?" Oh well, such are the musings of this 54 year old grannie, big city knitting knewbie, etc.
Hope to see you on the train...
ps - I was thinking it would be nice for a group of needleworkers to meet on a train and share the ride. Maybe one with a scenic route?

Nice to see a knitting related MC.

Has anyone noticed that this was posted at 2am and he claims to be in a suit because he "just got off work" who wears suits and gets out of work at 2am? Bouncers at strip clubs. Run away.


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