Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Brooklyn Edition)

Dear 2/3,

You are a bumpy train.




Subway Knitter
Brooklyn, NY

Here we are, emerging from the other end of a hectic moving week! There are boxes almost everywhere, but we're slowly winning the war over chaos. I would give you a photo tour of the new home of Subway Knitter, but frankly, I'm too embarrassed by its state just now to show it off.

Instead, I'll give you a tour of my new commute. Lookin' good, eh? Admittedly, shortening my commute to 20 minutes from almost an hour doesn't mean good things for my subway knitting. It does, however, mean all good things for blog maintenance. I'm looking forward to actually blogging in the morning, and not just a mad scramble for the train.


Thank you for sharing your Subway mittens in Interweave Knits. I am a knitter in NH. My daughter is based in Boston, but will be returning home after a year in the UK. I couldn't resist making her a pair of charliecard mittens. I know they will come in handy as she travels on the T.
Thanks again and best wishes in NYC!

oh a 20 minute commute.... what has my life come to that this is my strongest and most sincere wish for this holiday season.

I had a Bus Knitter today too! KIP all over the place! I think i will post it later since she was doing something weird that i just don't understand!

Congrats on the short commute!

I ride the 2/3 in the morning too - towards the back. Usually the 2nd or 3rd car from the end. Maybe I'll see you some morning!

I totally understand the impact of the "short commute" - I have an hour, but broken up into 25 min on Metro North, 5 min on the S train and 7 min on the R,W train plus transfers and walking. On the rare days I take the 1 train the whole way (60-65 min) I relish the knitting time!

Yay for having the move behind you. Congrats on the new home.

Congrats on the shorter commute! And congrats on the moving - being done that is.

Welcome to brooklyn! Subway knitter. I am from brooklyn! and my commute to work is 20-30 minutes and love it. I love it more when I get a seat and am able to knit a few rows in the morning or evening. Oh an congrats on finding a home.

Congrats on the new home! My commute is less than 5 minutes! na na na na na!

I used to have a nice morning walk to work, sip coffee, enjoy the quiet, ease into the day. Good for mental health, not so much for knitting. But the beefy, protective boyfriend in another department worries about me walking in the dark and picks me up in the mornings. So now I sit in the break room and knit before work. "Yes, this is knitting." "Nope, crochet is with one needle." "Really, your grandmother crochets?"

I hope that the unpacking is going well! Congratulations on finding a place with a 20 minute commute. I might make that my New Year's resolution!


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