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Here's the one Rhinebeck purchase which I haven't yet mentioned on the blog:


It's my new circular needle case from Crippenworks.

Hip, hip, hooray, I love Crippenworks! Katharyn's concept is simple, but it's executed so well and with such attention to detail that even I (seamstress wannabe that I am) would not attempt to make something like this. It falls into that category of "Yes, I could sew this, but why would I?"

I actually requested a custom design when I was at the Crippenworks's Rhinebeck booth. I love my DPN case that I picked up at Cummington in 2005 (or was that 2006, I don't remember). My current circular case came from Knitsmith Lisa B, and it's simply overloaded. Finding a needle in that is like finding a...well...needle in a haystack. I need to split things up into two cases.

What's custom about this case is the orientation of the needle pockets. I wanted them to face the same way, whereas in a typical Crippenworks case, the pockets face toward each other. "No problem," said Katharyn. "Give me three weeks." And you know what? In just under three weeks, I had my new case. [Blogging was delayed due to, well, you know what delayed it.]

Oh my: Katharyn sews knitting bags, too.


Fireflies! Very cute :)

I bought several of those Crippenworks cases at MD S & W last year and had so much fun picking them out with my daughter, she is such an artist with a keen eye for color and design.

I adore the dragonfly motif. What a wonderful gift to give to yourself!

I do hope that, once the boxes begin to empty, you see the joy of your new home. Happy Thanksgiving!

Very nice!

I've been looking for something small that can hold one or two of my most commonly used circulars and dpns, just so I have the needles on the road (and not poking holes into things). I'll have to see if she has something like that as well.

I just started using needle cases, and I must admit, I'm not feeling the love. Any tips or hints on how to corral your circular cables over 16"?


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