Late-Breaking Fabric News

Sorry for the last post (my blogging software is bogged down by...something. An email to Pair is in order.)

Can any of my Tri-State peeps get here (link via Apartment Therapy) on Sunday? I had no idea that such wondrous things existed in poor ol' Bridgeport.

Hmm, it's accessible via MetroNorth. And on Sunday, it would be an off-peak fare.... Think of the knitting that I could get done on that uncrowded train.... Sigh!

And in other news, I've been getting a few emails requesting copies of the cable charts for my Urban Necessities Patterns (link on the right). They're coming! Unfortunately, in my latest move (or long before) the CD that contains these charts went missing. I've noticed before that this item seems to come and go from my life. One week I have it, next week I don't. Do any of you have things that do this, too?


Oh, absolutely, Colleen. Things move in and out of what I call the fourth dimension with great regularity. Perhaps thru wormholes, I don't know. Small dpns are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon. I keep the really tiny ones, size 0, 1, that sort, in zip lock bags. I've had them disappear from the bags while they were in the drawer! And no, I have no children or pets to assist them in their escape. The weirdest was a crystal I had in my purse. It disappeared one day. I took everything out of my purse, emptied it entirely. A week later, I reached in my purse, and there, in a side pocket, was the crystal back from wherever it had gone.

Even better than the Denyse Schmidt sale of completed quilts are the workshops where she teaches you how to make her amazing quilts. Classes are on saturdays 11am-4pm. I have always been dying to take one of these classes! Do you have any open saturdays?...

I am SO TEMPTED!!! Maybe I'll come... My flight leaves LGA at 5:10 pm.


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