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I was so busy watching all the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood last night that I completely forgot to blog earlier. That's not exactly true, but by the time that I sat down after dinner my hosting company (Pair) was having its usual evening logjam and I couldn't get into my MT software. Or, at least that's what I think is happening. I should probably email tech support about this, because the problem happens often enough to affect my blogging.

It does not, however, affect my sock knitting. Look, I'm almost finished with the toe:


As many of you said in your comments this week, thank goodness that this isn't a gift. We knitters understand the variability of hand-painted yarns. The Muggles? Not so much. I wouldn't expect anyone to get excited over a pair of socks that, when you come right down to it, don't match very well.


you should definitely email pair. keep a log of the times and dates when it happens and they'll look into their logs and try to figure out what's happening. it could be that someone on your server is using too much of the resources. they can usually fix just about anything.

So what's your next project? Something just a soothing as the socks, or a more challenging project?

I have to say, though, even as a knitter, mismatched socks bother me. I'm shying away from most handpainted and varigated for socks these days. Why - no one sees them, right? I think it's a little bit of OCD coming out. I love that blue of the yarn, though. So vivid! And congrats on your Sox win - glad your "efforts" paid off!

I don't know, they are such a pretty color, it probably doesn't matter that much if they match exactly. I have a not very well matched pair on right now and I just realized that I occasionally hold my feet up and try to line up the color bands. Just a little more entertainment value! And they are still warm and comfortable. And I made them myself--that's extra points right there.

Traditional rug-makers in the Middle East deliberately make one knot different from the rest because only Allah can make something perfect and it's viewed as an affront to the Infinite for mere mortals such as we to try to do the same. As a nod to multiculturalism I do that in my knitting. If I haven't discovered a wee mistake before I get to the end, I twist a stitch somewhere. If your socks were "perfect" imagine how the Infinite would feel!

This is so funny! Colleen! Another person has an extensive blog. They do not knit. All week there has been the complaint of Non-Muggles socks to wear. So, she told how The Husbands socks are always clones of each other and no thought has to go into which pair to wear. Her Bloggers went right with on the Male Muggle Socks. Bloggers then blamed the time of presents coming down the Pike. This put the blame on the parents etc. I had to confess I am a Perfect parent and make sure my sons have the Muggles socks. I always unit the socks and demand the Dryer of Sockles give up the match. Ha ha ! At least yours are extremely unique.

I am not much of a knitter (just recently learned to do a bit but I do crochet) but I am a quilter. Don't know how I found this blog but I always read it .... hopeful, I suppose. Anyway, the Amish always put in a little mistake in their quilts (if one hasn't already shown up!) because they believe only God "does" perfect. Same idea!

Fraternal's good too! Unless you're running through an airport shoeless, late for a flight, no one will know.

Besides, they're BOTH nice.

Congratulations on your article in IK. I have been reading your blog for quite a while and remember when you designed the CharlieCard Mittens. Nicely done!

I want to add congratulations also on the IK mittens,that's how I started reading your blog because of the story in the Globe. great story, great mittens....can you believe TWO World Series now??? Wa-who!

Hi! Just opened my Knit magazine. Congrats on the article. Grand! Charlie Card Mittens are awesome creation.

Congratulations on having the Charlie Card mittens in IK! That's awesome.

If anyone comments on the not quite matching socks just tell them you probably have another pair just like it at home.

Much is made of socks matching. Some feel it is necessary, some say not. I think it comes down to a personal preference. If you are wearing them, what do you prefer? If they are for someone else, I think I worry about it more. If they are just for me, not so much.


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