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Occasionally, usually when I'm on the telephone listening to someone's life story, I read the Missed Connections section on Craigslist. I find it so silly.

This one, however, needs to be taken seriously. The knitter sought wasn't me. I'll add that it would be a moot point if it were me, because I'm off the market. I point this out because I often hear women lamenting that knitting's never going to net them a date (it's netted me a few, but that's a story for another time). Yeah, sure, if you sit at home on your couch night after night you'll never meet a soul. Take that scarf to the meat (mutton?) market that is the A train, and well, all bets are off. I think whoever this was has a real chance with this guy. He thinks you're sexy. If he digs your (handknitted?) hat, then you have something in common right there, because you dig that hat too. You know what I say? Love me, love my knitting.

Late-Breaking Fabric News

Sorry for the last post (my blogging software is bogged down by...something. An email to Pair is in order.)

Can any of my Tri-State peeps get here (link via Apartment Therapy) on Sunday? I had no idea that such wondrous things existed in poor ol' Bridgeport.

Hmm, it's accessible via MetroNorth. And on Sunday, it would be an off-peak fare.... Think of the knitting that I could get done on that uncrowded train.... Sigh!

And in other news, I've been getting a few emails requesting copies of the cable charts for my Urban Necessities Patterns (link on the right). They're coming! Unfortunately, in my latest move (or long before) the CD that contains these charts went missing. I've noticed before that this item seems to come and go from my life. One week I have it, next week I don't. Do any of you have things that do this, too?


And it feels so good.


I hope that it likes its new home.

Serious question here. This machine has been sitting around for the past five months. It probably needs some kind of tune-up or overhaul. Is there such a thing for sewing machines? Where do you New Yorkers take your machines?


Mailbag Goodness

Here's the one Rhinebeck purchase which I haven't yet mentioned on the blog:


It's my new circular needle case from Crippenworks.

Hip, hip, hooray, I love Crippenworks! Katharyn's concept is simple, but it's executed so well and with such attention to detail that even I (seamstress wannabe that I am) would not attempt to make something like this. It falls into that category of "Yes, I could sew this, but why would I?"

I actually requested a custom design when I was at the Crippenworks's Rhinebeck booth. I love my DPN case that I picked up at Cummington in 2005 (or was that 2006, I don't remember). My current circular case came from Knitsmith Lisa B, and it's simply overloaded. Finding a needle in that is like finding a...well...needle in a haystack. I need to split things up into two cases.

What's custom about this case is the orientation of the needle pockets. I wanted them to face the same way, whereas in a typical Crippenworks case, the pockets face toward each other. "No problem," said Katharyn. "Give me three weeks." And you know what? In just under three weeks, I had my new case. [Blogging was delayed due to, well, you know what delayed it.]

Oh my: Katharyn sews knitting bags, too.

Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Brooklyn Edition)

Dear 2/3,

You are a bumpy train.




Subway Knitter
Brooklyn, NY

Here we are, emerging from the other end of a hectic moving week! There are boxes almost everywhere, but we're slowly winning the war over chaos. I would give you a photo tour of the new home of Subway Knitter, but frankly, I'm too embarrassed by its state just now to show it off.

Instead, I'll give you a tour of my new commute. Lookin' good, eh? Admittedly, shortening my commute to 20 minutes from almost an hour doesn't mean good things for my subway knitting. It does, however, mean all good things for blog maintenance. I'm looking forward to actually blogging in the morning, and not just a mad scramble for the train.

Subway Knitter Moving Boxes Edition

The time has come for chez Subway Knitter QNS to become chez Subway Knitter BKLN:


The knitting? It's just a simple scarf with dropped stitches. I told you that I'm all about the chunky accessories this year. The yarn is the Curlz that Shireen made me buy at String.

I spared the blog most of the drama and the emotions of getting to this point. Unfortunately, I didn't much spare those around me. Believe me, no one is happier about the moving than I am. Even those who were subject to my non-stop tirade about the ridiculousness that is real estate in New York City. Not even Sven who, as I write, is mired amongst moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, making sure that all his worldly goods are safely stashed. The Spiders Official Movers (tm) are arriving bright and early tomorrow morning.

I hope this explains the silence of the past few days. Between packing, painting, IKEA-furniture assembling (gotta love those Pax wardrobes) and sleeping, there wasn't much time for me to knit or blog.

Stay tuned for exciting tales of knitting on the 2/3!

Where My Stitches At?

Here, yo:


I stripped off my shirt and tore open the package as soon as I saw it. My Ravelry T-shirt has arrived!

Tell me that I'm not the only one to be so excited about this.

The Time Has Come....

To blog.

It's a good thing that I'm not participating in the NaBloMoPoZoJLoCoCa or whatever it is this month that's motivating people to post once a day during November. The only part of that I have down is the "blo" as in "blowing it".

I would like to offer a hearty thank you to everyone who has stopped by with a kind word about my Interweave Knits debut. To those who guessed, yes, the pattern is none other than my CharlieCard Mittens.

Maybe that's why I needed a few days to think about things this week. How things have changed since the Charlies' debut way back in January. A friend of mine once mentioned the concept of LSUs, or life-stress units. All large life events carry a certain life-stress value, and one should stay below a certain amount of LSUs for the year.

Although I haven't sat down to calculate the LSUs of 2007, I suspect that I am way over my limit, and it's starting to show. I'm looking forward to a stress-free 2008 (yeah, right).

But, in happy news: the socks are done, and just in time ("Hello, New York, this is cold, windy, rainy November here, ready to suck the joy out of your life.")


Just about nothing can suck the joy out of me when I'm wearing handknit socks. These must be good for the LSUs, no?

My New Socks, The Details

Pattern: Umm, pattern? I don't know. Cast on 64 stitches, K1P2 rib for 8 inches. Knit 6 rounds stockinette, then begin Wendy's short row heel instructions. Return to stockinette until your sock measures 2 inches less than the length of your foot. Again use Wendy's short-row heel instructions. Kitchener the seam. Repeat for second sock.

Yarn: Claudia Handpainted, "Walk in the Woods". Two hanks.

Needles: US2s, DPN

What I liked about this knit: The short-row heel instructions. Although initially I found the instructions to be a bit fiddly, I'm a complete convert now. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing this technique with us.

What I would change next time: Note to self, next time try a sock with 60 instead of 64 inches. I'm trying to see if that might result in a snugger long-term fit.

Final comments on the yarn. Would I buy some Claudia again? While the yarn feels wonderfully soft, the answer is probably not. I'm really put off by the mismatched hanks. Thank goodness that these aren't a gift. I have some more Claudia in the stash, and next time that I knit socks with it I'll scrutinize the hanks more closely to see if I can achieve a better match.

Almost There

I was so busy watching all the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood last night that I completely forgot to blog earlier. That's not exactly true, but by the time that I sat down after dinner my hosting company (Pair) was having its usual evening logjam and I couldn't get into my MT software. Or, at least that's what I think is happening. I should probably email tech support about this, because the problem happens often enough to affect my blogging.

It does not, however, affect my sock knitting. Look, I'm almost finished with the toe:


As many of you said in your comments this week, thank goodness that this isn't a gift. We knitters understand the variability of hand-painted yarns. The Muggles? Not so much. I wouldn't expect anyone to get excited over a pair of socks that, when you come right down to it, don't match very well.

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