What Embargo?

As I promised in yesterday's post, here's what came back with me to Queens:

Most definitely, the self-imposed book yarn embargo is decidedly over. I tried to be sensible and good, but it just wasn't making me happy. Besides moving (for which we still have no firm date), these days new yarn is one of the few things that will make me happy.

Anyway, here's what moved with me all the way from Duchess County to Queens County:

First we have some luscious alpaca, Heavenly, from Delly's Delights Farm in Maryland (there is a website, but it's not updated so I didn't link). It's sportweight in a variegated colorway that I can't quite photograph:


Then we have a wool/silk blend, also a sportweight, from Oak Grove, in Putney, Vermont. The colorway is called "Stones". Apparently my camera likes blues better than reds, because these hanks are more accurately shown. Again, it's a sportweight. I'm thinking of simple scarves for both.


Finally, we have the Morehouse haul. Am I the only knitter who's disappointed that Morehouse is closing its bricks-and-mortar shop to become an internet-only business? I don't think so. Sigh....


I bought four hanks of a natural wool laceweight to make Sophie's Shawl (a Morehouse pattern). One probably doesn't need a pattern to knit this, but with the pattern I can be lazy and let someone else decide how many stitches I need to cast on, and how many rows the shawl should be.

I also picked up a hank of an unidentified bulky wool, in a gray/blue colorway. It was in the sale bin and set me back a whopping $4. I'm going to stripe it with some brown I bought at Morehouse last year and make myself a hat.

Then you'll notice the card. I picked up one of Maryse's beautiful photocards. I hope that she keeps this up, as her work is very good.

So, nothing too extravagant. I was able to stick to yarn sources at Rhinebeck that I wouldn't otherwise find, and I didn't do anything impulsively. I looked; I noted. If something stayed in my thoughts, then I had to have it. I also set a budget and stuck to it. Yay me.


Nice haul! And it was great to see you!

I am so jealous! It sounded like you had fun and the yarn is beautiful.

Scrummy yarn. I very rarely allow myself to buy alpaca because the cat is obsessed with it. I'm not sure quite how it would react to a live llama though.

hey thanks! i'm so glad you liked them! it was good to see you.

oh, i saw your subway mittens in the interweave preview. congratulations!!!!

Those purchases are totally justifiable! There are some small farms that simply don't sell their yarns online. And they're unique!

Colleen--Good on ya! Saw the IK preview and your mittins. Three cheers!

Isn't the Morehouse yarn great? I bought it a few months ago and made the Contessa Shawl, beautiful!

My yarn/roving embargo just means I am buying less...

I think you did very well with your purchases. I'm sad that Morehouse Merino is focusing on online only. I haven't yet made it to their shop, but I had hopes of being able to do so. Very sad indeed.

Nice, reasonable haul. On my way to NJ next month, I'm taking a detour to Morehouse, just so I can get there before they close.

what's the point of going to a festival if you don't buy *anything*? i think your purchases were very well thought out and they seem like they'll all be things you'll use. plus, you need a little pick me up to get you through all this "when are we moving already?"!

I admire your self-control. I don't understand it, but I admire it!

The Oak Grove yarn is wonderful. I made my Clapotis with it, and it went really quickly because it was so lovely. I was really sad to hear about the Morehouse store closing, too. It's too beautiful!

Congrats on the IK publication!

Ooh, yeah, Oak Grove is fantastic. Enjoy all your pretty yarns!


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