See You There?

I'm going to Rhinebeck. La dee, dah dee, dah!

I was a fool to think that we might actually be moving to Brooklyn this weekend (although it seems that an actual moving day is not far away), the reason behind my on-the-fence behavior about attending this festival (or festibal, as Mamacate puts it).

So, maybe I'll see you there tomorrow. You'll know me as the only one in the entire fairgrounds who won't be wearing a handknit item.


I'll be watching for you.

I'll be watching, too! Hope to see you!

I'll be watching, too! Hope to see you!

i won't be wearing a handknitted item either...we can't wait to see you...i will be there with dana, dani, johanna and my cell phone if you can't find us

I'll be there, too, and judging by the weather, I won't be wearing handknits, either! Hope to see you!

oh no, i won't be wearing a knitted item either.

Well, my Rhinebeck sweater was blocked last night, and it's ready to go. That is, until I realized that it's going to be 70 degrees! Drats! I might bring a cotton sweater instead. Hey, you have a few of those, why don't you wear one?

Enjoy all its sheepy splendor!

I will be the other person not wearing a handknit item. All of my knitting time goes to baby gifts. Plus, the last sweater I knit for myself is WAY to hot to wear this weekend.

Come on ladies, you have all night! You can knit something to wear. It won't have to be too big or long sleeved!

I hope you have a great time!

I was there today. Not wearing a handknit item. I will be there tomorrow, again without a handknit item. I buy yarn to make something for myself but then I wind up spending all my knitting time on gifts. I am determined to make something for myself to wear to Rhinebeck next year!

There were lots of people there not in handknits! I hope you had fun.

PS: I love knitting on the subway. Usually the 1.

Very few of us were wearing handknits -- it was very wonderful weather.

Liza the blogless

I was wearing handknit from my mother. Barely counts, y'know?

I was wearing handknit from my mother. Barely counts, y'know?


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