Rhinebeck Wrap-Up I

WARNING: Self indulgent Rhinebeck post ahead. please feel free to skip to the next blog. I haven't had a chance to properly photograph my (paultry) purchases, so today you get my reflections.

I needed a few days for the Rhinebeck to steep in my memory before I could give it a proper blog.

Saturday dawned beautiful, warm, and bright. As I walked through Astoria on my way to meet Cathy, I realized that I should get up earlier on Saturday mornings. Astoria waking up reminded me a lot of early mornings in London. A few bakeries quietly serving customers, fruit stands already bustling, waiters washing down sidewalks and getting ready for the day. Maybe it's just an urban thing, and it's easy to make comparisons between two large cities.

Anyway, you're not here to read my musings about my neighborhood. This is a knitting blog after all. The five of us arrived in Rhinebeck shortly after ten. And I'll admit, I had no plan. Not a single idea of what I wanted to buy. I did, fortunately, have a budget (to which, I am proud to say, I stuck). What I was really there to do, I must admit, was to say hello to...everyone.

I swear that almost every knitter I know in real life was at Rhinebeck on Saturday. And based on the blog reading I'm doing, there were a few more there whom I did not encounter. These fiber festivals are where we come to be with our people. Rhinebeck is where my worlds collide. Boston Colleen was meeting New York Colleen. The Knitsmiths and the Spiders.

I was so happy to see my Boston peeps. I just wish that we had had more time to catch up. But we all had our own agendas, and mine seemed to be wandering aimlessly among the tents and barns, seeing whatever and whomever I could. Like Cassie wrote, too much festival, too little time. I think that next year Saturday will be for the festival, and Sunday will be for a loooong brunch, knitting, and talking. I don't know how I would go about arranging that, but who's with me on this one?

For me Rhinebeck was about this:


And this:


summed it up really well in her post. Being at Rhinebeck made me realize that my life has changed a lot, but in a very good way, And (maybe this is strange, or maybe others feel the same way) because I have the blog I don't feel disconnected from anyone at all, even though I've moved 200 miles away. It's like we hang out in the virtual living room, and then a few times a year we all get together.


I'm glad I saw you, even though it was brief!

It sounds like you had an extremely social and very fun time! I can't wait to see the pics of your purchases (I'm sure they are fabulous).

with elisa, jackie and wendy there it did feel like we see eachother all of the time.

It was great seeing you again, even though it was for far too short of a time!

This was my first time at Rhinebeck and it was great but a little overwhelming at the same time. My mother and I could only make it up there for saturday and you're right you really need both days. I like your plan for next year and I may have to copy it. My mother can't wait to go back and neither can I! She hasn't picked up her needles in 2 or 3 years and being there made her want to knit again. She bought two beautiful patterns/kits. I cant wait to see how they turn out. She says she'll have to stop by and use my little library of knitting books as a refresher! I think Rhinebeck brought us a little closer together. What I great weekend!

I can't believe we missed each other! Although, you know, since we were both at that blogger's meet-up, we probably DID see each other, technically....

Yeah, it's a lot of festival, but a great day all-in-all. And you're right, I should get up earlier on Saturdays, it was a pleasure to drink in.

Hooray for Rhinebeck! I will have to make it next year!

BTW, just saw your mitts in the winter IK preview! Hooray! (I know you semi-mentioned it a while back, but isn't it cool to see them in the preview?!)


I feel that way too. That even though I might not know everyone in real life, that we are connected. Going to fiber festivals is energetic and exciting because you get to reconnect with those friends irl and you feel surrounded by your people, in your community.

I think it's pretty neat to be a part of it.

It's so funny, I saw very few people I recognized, considering how many blogs I read regularly. This was my first year attending, and I think next year will be more about being social. This year was all about the loot!

i missed meeting you--i got separated (read: spindle obsessed) from my group when they ran into you. i just wanted to say in person that i enjoy your blog!!!! guess it'll have to be virtual for now.

Life is an interesting thing. Ever changing and thanks to technology, still the same.

colleen, your mittens are in the winter preview. :) They're really adorable! I love the front pocket for tokens or change or keys...

I just saw the IK preview . . . those Subway Mittens sure look familiar. Congrats!!

Glad you had a great time! And congrats on having your killa mitten pattern in IK !!

Glad you had a great time! And congrats on having your killa mitten pattern in IK Holiday Knits!!

It was so fun to see you. I'm glad you had a good festival.

There really wasn't enough time for it all. Maybe we expect too much from larger festivals.

It was so fun to see you. I'm glad you had a good festival.

There really wasn't enough time for it all. Maybe we expect too much from larger festivals.

I've seen your subway mittens on interwave knits magazine... Congrats and compliments. They are great!


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