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Scientists are doing important work on behalf of knitters. I half suspect, though, that a couple of knitters could have told these guys the same thing.

And the Sox are battling it out in the Playoffs. We know which team Kate's rooting for.


Let's go Red Sox!


That's it, teach them young! :-)

Let's Go Red Sox!!!!

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

That is a great picture of Kate!

How utterly adorable!

Those scientists have too much time on their hands. Isn't there still cancer to be cured??? Go Yankees!

This does not replace the old rule of knotting: the tendency of a yarn (or necklace) to knot is directly proportional to its price. Rowan Kidsilk Haze: I rest my case. :)

Baby cuteness!!

"Surprisingly little disturbance or motion is even needed". Yup, even sock yarn in a Schrodinger cube bag gets knitted!

"Surprisingly little disturbance or motion is even needed". Yup, even sock yarn in a Schrodinger cube bag gets knotted!

What a little angel! And, if the Cardinals aren't in the Series, yay Red Sox!

Now, it the scientists could figure out how to UN-knot yarn by shaking it in a box, THAT would be a noble effort.

Oh she is too cute!!! She looks excited too :)

She is SO cute!
I'm a scientist and I could have told them I even have evidence, I spent all of Grey's untangling something I frogged.

Did they get any federal grant money for that study?

ha! i circulated that article around yesterday. funny stuff.

Nice Colleen - it's important to start 'em out early on the building blocks of Boston life, for sure! Also I love how the Sox made it to playoffs the year I move away from Brookline, so I can actually enjoy their success as opposed to mouthing off about the commute hassle. They're so considerate, those Sox. :) Hope you're well! ~gabriella

Kate is (as always) super cute!
I wonder what gave them the idea for that study....

How Johnny Damon could turn his back on a fan like this...

Oh, I bet she's thinking, "I can't wait to see Andy Pettite pitch!" ;)

I *love* the enthusiastic expression and excitement on Kate's face! She's really into it, isn't she?

Kate is the cutest! However, I agree the price of the yarn determines its "knottieness" not to be confused with "naughtiest" which the new vocabulary used when unknotting such yarns.

Oh, Kate is adorable! Has Aunt Colleen gotten her any Yankees gear?

The CUTEST kid ever!!


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