Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week!

Before we get down to business here, I would like to respond to a comment that someone left about my reticence on the Red Sox. Yes, yesterday should have been filled with all kinds of "Whooo-hoo, Sox! " I must confess, however, that I wrote that post before the sweep was a sure thing. Sure, things looked good and all, but one can never get cocky, especially when it comes to the Red Sox. Like we needed a repeat of Game 6.

Anyway, now that it's all over, and we're a Nation in celebration, I can confidently claim some credit the Series win. How? I'll tell you. It turned out that I forgot (I know, bad) to mention the World Series in my post last Wednesday. And the Sox won. Then I meant to catch up on Thursday, but I forgot again. And, the Sox won. Again. "Okay," I thought. "There's GOT to be something to this." So, for the remainder of the Series I pledged to maintain radio silence on game day.

It worked.

Oh, yeah, right. This is a knitting blog, and based on the title of today's post, you were promised a subway knitter who is not me.


I saw her on the N, knitting like a fiend on a scarf. Happy now?


i didn't mention the sox at all etiher.


I hate knitting sox!

Thank you for the win. People were pretty delirious back here in Beantown.


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