Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

What a fitting end to a week that began with a wee Rhinebeck hangover:


Spotted on the 4/5. It looked like she was knitting a striped hat. Poor thing didn't know how to carry the unused yarn up behind the working yarn, and I think that she's going to have a lot of ends to weave in. I thought about offering a tip right there on the subway, but then thought better about it, if only because a crowded train isn't the best environment for a how-to.


Hey now, it's possible that she does know how to do that and decided against it for this project, for various reasons. I don't like to do it if the stripes are more than a couple of rows, because it just gets too messy. It can also make the seem really bulky, especially if you're using more than two colors. I think if someone came up to me and said something along the lines of "Hey, that's cool, is it a hat? Neat. Did you know you could carry the unused color along and not have as many ends to weave in? I can show you!" I would probably handle it pretty well, but if someone came up and assumed I didn't know how to do it, I would be kinda pissed.

Just sayin'.

hi colleen i have a question for you i have just started knitting socks after being a knitter for 40 years having great fun doing them. i enjoy reading subway knitter every day. now i bought opal yarn about a year ago to knit socks an there has been several spots where the yarn threads have been cut like leaving a single little strand to knit with then the yarn in the middle of nowhere was cut plumb ended this is a self stripping yarn so i fixed the best i know how. have you used this yarn before an had any troubles with it? i have one more skien to use an debaiting to ever buy any again. lin

Maybe she's working on her weaving-in skills and has deliberately chosen a project with lots of ends. In the immortal words of my sainted mother, who taught me to knit, she'll never learn younger.

Maybe she finds it inconvenient to carry more than one ball of yarn on the subway. As a subway knitter myself, I try not to stuff more than I have to into my bag. And some people don't mind weaving in ends.


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