Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week

New York, you are not letting me down:


Not one, but two subway knitters. Sitting side by side these two carried on a conversation in English and in Spanish as they knit their sweaters on the 5 train.


Lovely, simply lovely!!! And my, I do like the knitting bag on the right. :) (Assuming that that is her "knitting bag") Hehe

all i can think is "that's an awful lot of stitch markers!" i wonder what she's making.

Yeah, knitter on the right has a awful lot of st markers!

The one on the right has an incredible number of stitch markers? I wonder what pattern she's making? Has a featured Mystery Subway Knitter ever stumbled upon your blog and realized they were caught KIPing?

Just goes to show knitting is international!!

Ha as a former Subway Knitter (now in Phoenix AZ) I KNEW you'd find knitters only a matter of time.

Knitting twins, caught KIPing in the wild. A rare but awesome sight...

That's a great picture!

I have to say that I completely relate to Miss Stitch Markers and love her. I use that many stitch markers for even the simplest lace patterns because I'll be gosh-darned if I'm going to rip back any number of rows for one mistake that I can't find!

See the weather cools down (sort of) and they come out the woodwork. I'm always impressed by those who are committed enough to bring out entire sweaters to knit on the subway.

I found your blog cited somewhere and the moment I saw the name I knew I had to check it out. I love this feature because even though I now ride the trains of Boston (with knitting, natch), I was once a bona fide NYC Transit knitter. I traveled 1 1/2 hours a day from Queens to the Bronx for high school and had plenty of time to make plenty of stuff--seated next to my crocheting best friend most days. I'm wondering, though. How do you get the photos? Do you ask, or can you get something reasonable without flash? Are you using your camera or a phone? It's such a great idea. Thanks! I really enjoy your blog.

this is so amazing, i wish we had something like that down here in New Orleans! absolutely wonderful!

Now if only we can get a whole train car filled with knitters...


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