First off, big thanks to Dave for today's post. Ah, WinMil, how I miss thee.

As I wrote in Friday's post, the next project will be all about moi. I needs me some more handknit sock. Mmm, mmm. There's nothing like the feeling of handknit socks on one's feet. I could make analogies between sex and handknit socks, but I won't, this being a mostly G-rated blog.

I grabbed some Claudia Handpainted that I've long had in the ministash. Shireen most recently used a couple of these hanks for her Sockapalooooza pair. She also has all the colorway information in that post, so I don't need to repeat it here.

Originally, I planned to do a somewhat intricate lace pattern for these socks. Upon further thought I realized that lately my subway knitting time can double as some study time. [Just as an aside, one might think that all the hustle and bustle of a subway train would be distracting if you're trying to study. You would be partially correct, but I find it remarkably easy to slip into a private mental zone and almost miss my stop. I don't do any hard core studying there, but it's a good spot for memorizing things.] If I'm trying to follow a chart at the same time that I'm working out a verb conjugation, that sounds like a recipe for knitting and linguistic chaos.

New Socks1012.jpg

So, it'll be simple picot cuff (ala Claudia), ribbed cuff, short-row heel, and stockinette foot. This is my go-to sock pattern. For such a simple knit, it does an amazing job of holding my knitting interest, while at the same time allows me to turn my attention to something else for a time.


i still have an extra skein- i think i might make some cute ankle socks. right after i knit EVERYTHING in the classic knits book.

I love the picot edge - and the colors are perfect, cozy winter colors. they even might match the subway - kind of silver, pale green and yellow walls, faded bricky pink --- see it? or maybe I've just been out of the subway for too long. the T is not the same colorway!

I thought you'd appreciate a little flash back Tuesday. :)

Personally, I can't get a pair of socks off my needles for very long before I start some new ones.. I started my first pair of Monkeys yesterday!!

I just found your blog the other day, and thought I should say hi- from one knitter on Ditmars to another. See you on the N/W!

i thought of you this morning. i was on the green line and a woman sitting in front of me was knitting too. i didn't talk to her though. she didn't seem like the chatty type.

I really should make a pair of the picot hem-style socks at some point. I really like the look. Feminine but not overstated.

You've got to toss the "me" projects in there on occasion.

Nice of Dave to think of you with the photo postcard :o)

That yarn is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the socks.


I Love Your YARN!! it's so pretty. I too knit socks study for my exams. Probably why I didn't do that great on my last test and my sock had 2 heels (on one sock). I think it is dangerous for both events. Yes Claudia's handpainted yarn is AWESOME!!! I've been collecting some to stroke on when I have a crappy day. Enjoy!!!

I majored in creative writing in college, and always had tons of reading. I went to Emerson for a few semesters, and lived in Revere, so I relished that commute time!

I majored in creative writing in college, and always had tons of reading. I went to Emerson for a few semesters, and lived in Revere, so I relished that commute time!


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