I didn't write...


But I probably could have. Oh wait. I already do. It's called this here blog.

It's too bad that we lost Lacey as a fellow subway knitter, but she seems to be doing great work in Portland.


Thanks, that was an interesting read. It was disappointing to click on the link to her blog, and see nothing much but 3 old posts from July, and a link to an Etsy shop. But the story was well-written, and I think a lot of us taking public transit can relate to the stress and boredom.

What a fantastic article - I'm sure it rings a lot of truth in the heart of subway knitters everywhere, it certainly did for me.

I am going to be subway knitting in . . . gawds 10 days. I am super excited and nervous.

PDX knitting is great.

I think you'll love the post I dedicated to you (and all other subway knitters) in regards to a BART sign for knitters. Come say hi and see the sign for public transpo. knitters on the BART.


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