A Matched Pair?

Hey, remember those socks? I got busy last week blabbing on and on about Rhinebeck and subway knitting, and all sorts of stuff that I forgot to talk about my favorite subject: me.

"But Colleen," you say, "Last week was all about you. Where you went, what you saw, and what you're going to knit for you with all of that yarn that you bought."

A point well taken. I guess that we're never far away from mememememe here at Subway Knitter.

Actually, my favorite topic of late should be the socks that I'm knitting (for me). Take a look:


I'm telling you, this is the same colorway, and dyelot, and everything. What's going on with this Claudia Handpainted? Is this much variation to be expected with handpainted yarn? You can see that the colors are the same, but their application from hank to hank is completely different.

Truth be told, I don't mind that these socks are more than a little mismatched. They're going to be keep-my-feet-warm-at-home socks, anyway. I certainly needed quite a few pairs of them last winter in Boston. I'm betting that New York will be same.


I don't think it's typical of lots of handpainted socks but I do find it happens quite frequently with Claudia's. I don't mind either, though.

I've never seen that happen before with socks from the same lot-- even hand painted. But I must confess, I've never been one to worry about semi-mis-matched hand-knitted socks. I wear them in public proudly-- no matter how much weird pooling, strange color markings, etc. there are!

I haven't knit with any of my Claudia's Handpaint yet, but my friend Miyon has and had the exact same experience.

That always seems to happen to me when handpainted sock yarn is in 50g not 100g hanks. Artyarns, Koigu, Claudia's - I've had that experience multiple times with different brands. Same dyelot and everything.

No comment about the Red Sox, Colleen?

I kinda like them with the mismatched application between hanks!

I have had that happen with colors and brands that are not handpainted. Most recently within individual skeins! I know I sound old when I say, quality just ain't what it used to be! But for the price you pay, it would be nice to have high quality!

honestly it's hand painted yarn. there are definiately going to be variations from hank to hank. that's the beauty of one of a kind. My thought is if they are that close to my feet to notice the difference we are having some issues to begin with. or my foot is up their .... hahaha

I really like the variations! By the way, could you email me? Thanks!

Lucky for you that they are not a gift. I had a similar problem with some Schachmeyer (sp?) Regia Silk yarn used for a pair of socks that I had hoped to gift. I was so mad!

Lucky for you that they are not a gift. I had a similar problem with some Schachmeyer (sp?) Regia Silk yarn used for a pair of socks that I had hoped to gift. I was so mad!

I'm glad you're not gifting them, that is a big difference in colour - good to know.

Congrats re: sox :)

I just bought some Claudia in Jungle that I've been drooling about for months. I won't mind if the socks don't match, I don't usually make a point of wearing matching socks anyway :-p



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