Subway Knitter Back to School Edition

So, for the first time in over ten years I'm taking a college class. Yes, a real, live college class at NYU. Not a for-credit course, simply some personal enrichment. But I think that there'll be homework and stuff. I might have to study.

I received my registration confirmation a couple weeks ago.


I think that's a good sign.


Perhaps even a message from God! You are on the right track! L

Maybe I'll see you around campus! What are you taking and what location at NYU?

Did you notice the name of the building? WOOL! It's meant to be.

Wool?! Perfect! Best of luck in your quest for personal enrichment.

Maybe I'll see you around campus! What are you taking and what location at NYU?

It's kismet, Colleen, kismet!!

If only it was a wool class... Oh well, things can't always be perfect ;)

Definitely a good sign! I've loved going back to school. It's so much better the second time around, with that lovely gift of perspective.

Shoot, for a moment there I was thinking, "NYU has classes on WOOL, and I didn't KNOW about it?" There was a split second of bitter regret until I realized that was the building abbreviation. What are you taking? College is great the second time around, when it's just for fun and it's only one class. I hope you love it as much as I have!

Your stripey sweater for your niece inspired me to make one too. I'm not sure what child will get it...whoeveer it fits. My question is: Did you block your sweater before giving it to her?

Good for you! Was just thinking about doing the same thing through Emory.

Good job. I'm a fulltime student right now. After 25 years in the army it is definiately a youth culture shock. But I'm doing what I've always dreamed about. I'm getting to study Art ED. I love school. Have a good time, and good luck with your studies.

hey, can you knit yourself a book cover?


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