Still Life: Knitting with Paper Cup

Apparently my knitting is adapting as quickly to life in NYC as I am:


A recent sunny day found me in Bryant Park, sipping a café au lait from WichCraft (or 'WichCraft, or wichcraft, or whatever). Perhaps my knitting just wanted to pick up some lingering vibes from Fashion Week.

Whatever the reason, things soon got a little silly.


"What is this?" you ask. Well, I had so much fun with Kate's sweater that I couldn't resist casting on for another one as soon as I finished it. This one is for a new arrival to the Garden State. While New Jersey is a lot further north than North Carolina, this kid still has some time before sweater weather stays around for good. Therefore, I'm knitting a larger-than-newborn size in hopes that the sweater has a chance of fitting this winter.

The yarn? I don't know. Again, it's some random wool/acrylic blend that I picked up in Astoria. So far it's knitting up rather nicely, if I may say so.


I love Bryant Park, its a few blocks from my office and i pop up there sometimes just for a breather. I've never knitted there though... good idea!

that's one thing that i miss about my job, bryant park. you did see that they are opening a kinokuniya over there, no? probably for the best that i don't work across the street anymore :)

I once sat at the base of the statue of the dude on the edge of bryant park (I think he's the Portuguese guy, but this was a few years ago so that detail has fuzzed) and held up a sign saying "SMILE" for about an hour. I was having a REALLY BAD DAY and it made me feel better.


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