Someone Does Not Want Me To Blog

Perhaps I have aroused the suspicions of others. Perhaps I created some enemies during Operation Shortrow. Heck, I once inadvertently pissed off half of the S-n-B Boston Yahoo! list. That was a fun discussion to read through afterwards. Something about telling someone that anyone can knit a pocket. Perhaps I should have written almost anyone, because I apparently overestimated this woman's knitting abilities and she got ticked. Sorry! Next time I'll assume mediocrity.

Anyway, being away from my laptop over the weekend, my Photoshop being (mysteriously) down yesterday, and my host being (mysteriously) unavailable last night, meant that blogging things have not been good for Subway Knitter.

Someone does not want me to post a picture. This particular photo:


Ha! It's my first subway knitter photo in months. [Okay, okay, crocheter--if you're keeping track.] I'm back!


We missed you!

I once hacked off an in-law (gulp) by mentioning that she should start her sewing career with a little girl's nightgown because it was easy. Little did I know, she'd already tried that and failed. Oopsie!

Whew! I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Your blog has spurred me to continue knitting on a more regular basis.

The snb-Boston discussion was pretty amusing.

I just happen to me knitting my first pockets in a vest, and it *is* easy - and fun. I should have blogged about it!
Great pic!

Wow, I was beginning to worry that you had gotten captured by the enemy during operation Shortrow! Congrats on the picture. As it gets cooler the KIP-ers will come out. Here' to cooler.

Sometimes we just have to suck it up and listen to what the techno-gods are telling us - maybe you would have pissed your readership off if you had actually posted....

Congrats on sighting a fellow-crafter - I have to tell you my knitter-sighting story one day.

Glad you are back! We missed you! How is the sweater coming?

Glad to see your technology is back up and running. I rarely see knitters on the MTA, but the one I remember clearly was amazing - I wish I'd had a camera to take pictures. How do you take yours so stealthily?

I was checking two times a day wondering where you were. As far as ticking people off Oh well, I think people are too sensitive. After being in the Army for the last 25 years I find that people have a hard time with candor. I really don't have time to sugar coat things I just want to knit!! Welcome back!!


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