Now Are You Happy?


That book would make any knitter happy;-)

I'll only be happy when I have a copy ;)

haha that was fast!! but after reading your post i totally got a copy too!! I am dreaming of the Military Jacket!!

You know, you could make the Spiders happy if you brought it the Point... Just a thought :)

Whimper...NO, I'm not happy! *I* don't have one yet! But I hope you love yours.

Added it to the the simplicity

I'd be even happier with it in my hands :)


I'm jealous! A lot! I look forward to seeing your work on the lovely patterns in it.

So when do we get them? Then I'd be happy!

But the important question is are YOU happy? That's what matters. I'm already so flooded with patterns that there is no way I'll live long enough to make them all. (funny, but it doesn't keep me from buy more.)

oh yeah! I got mine last week. I'm happy. CANNOT wait to get going.....


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