Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week


I apologize for the so-so photograph, but I swear that those are knitting hands. I spotted this woman on the 1 train recently, while I was on my way to the Spiders. She and I both exited at Houston, but while I took a right onto Downing, she continued straight on Varick to 7th Ave. South.

Who are you, Mystery Knitter?


Don't you just love a good mystery? :) What is Spiders? (The address looks like something knitting related, but the link doesn't work.) Do you go there often? If you do, then perhaps you will see her again, provided she also takes that route often. And if y'all do, invite her to Spiders the next time you see her!! :)

Looks like knitting hands to me too! The first time I saw a knitter on the GO Train in Toronto I was mesmerized. She was too far away to talk to but she was knitting a sock!

Ooh, you should have followed her, spy-style! Maybe there's another knitting group you're missing out on.

I like Silvia's suggestion. It feeds the air of Knitting Mystery!

There is a lady I ride the bus with sometimes who knits. I set next to her the other day only I forgot my knittng bag that morning. I kept trying to look at what she was doing but I didn't want to scare her. I've seen her for a while now. I wish I knew who she was. She's not part of my local knitting group that's for sure. Good luck with your mystery!

Love the mysteries. I'm thinking I have to get back on the N/W to see that mystery man again :)

Look like knitting hands to me too.

I am TOTALLY a subway knitter...usually the 1. I get, or rather my knitting gets, looks and stares. It's fun!


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