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People seem to write of September as the ultimate buzzkill month (back to school, beaches closed, no more linen) but if you look beyond the naysayers, September can be summer's quiet time.

Even so, my thoughts are slowly turning to fall and winter knits. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a skirt I saw in Annie Modesitt's new book. And, while perusing Ravelry one fine day, I remembered that I have long coveted this skirt by Véronik Avery. [Just as an aside, and I totally mean this in a non-stalkerish kinda way, but I was quite excited to find Véronik on Ravelry. I mean, like, she's so cool and all. She even has her own Ravelry group, Very Véronik. I, of course, joined.]

I have long had two hesitations about this knit. First the weight. How much is this skirt going to weigh--especially if I need to make it longer than the pattern's original length? Second, how does it wear? I don't want to work months and months on a beautiful thing, only to have it snagged by an errant rivet on some subway bench.

Finally, when the pattern was released I didn't think that I knew enough about knitting to do this pattern justice. Now I think that I do. And I still have the pattern somewhere. In storage. That could be the new motto around here. "I have that! In storage." I say this at least three times a week.

Pepperknit was raving about this skirt back in April (see, I know this thanks to you-know-what). Based on her positive review, I'm tempted to cast on for the skirt right now and knit the pattern as written (perhaps altering for length).

"But wait!" you say. "What about the book/yarn embargo?" Yeah, what about it? You see, thanks to a generous blog enabler, urrr, reader, a copy of the book lusted after in yesterday's post is on its way to me as I write. What better way to warm up to a whole book of Véronik than by indulging in one of her earlier designs?

You can see what my mind is doing here. This is how I'm justifying a yarn purchase.

"Fine," you reply. "Knit the darn skirt. Have fun digging through your storage space until you find that Interweave issue. Do you even know which box it's in?"

No. I don't.

"Yup, can't knit the skirt without the pattern, can you?"



Hee hee. Your mind seems to work a lot like mine. I love these knit skirts, but being somewhat curvey, I'm hesitant to knit something that when done I feel "makes me look fat."

That A-line skirt would be fantastic on you, it's true.

Sorry if I inadvertently caused an embargo imbroglio...

Keep at it Colleen. If you are anything at all like me, you'll be able to rationalize and justify the purchase in no time at all. (hehehe) I always violate my self-imposed embargoes; yarn, books, fabric, you name it. I suspect that this MIGHT be why I'll never be rich. NO, that can't be it. There MUST be some other reason!

The skirt is cute, but I really want to knit the sweater that she is wearing with it in the magazine!

why bother with the yarn and book embargo. I refuse to deny myself the little things that make me and those around happy. And you never know when you aren't going to be able to purchase (no cash) or even knit (really old age 100+). I say life for the moment. Go ahead buy that book or yarn. Oh sorry I got a little carried away. Now I have to go buy some yarn. I love that skirt too. I think it would look great in a brown or rust type color. Have fun.

I actually lust after the jacket in that pattern and I have it in storage somewhere. Very frustrating. Of course, my storage is 6 boxes of crap in the closet, so I have no excuse.

i'm sure i have it nearby. Shall i look for it for you?

Need I remind you there were women on the Titanic who didn't have dessert. You don't know what tomorrow may bring so I say buy what you want and enjoy it! The book you will have forever and what good is the book with no yarn to make it!

Does the yarn embargo really count if you purchase yarn for a project you will start right away?

A suggestion for your limitation on purchasing yarns - think of it as a challenge - get one of those one skein books (I'm sure you have at least one kicking around - perhaps in storage? LOL), pick a project, and buy a fantastic skein of yarn, and knit away.

I love those sorts of patterns as a parent of three boys under 5, I have precious little time to knit - and precious little funds for multiple balls of yarn.


That skirt is totally worth breaking the embargo for!!

Dig, Colleen, dig!!! You'll find that pattern!

Your enabler friend,


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