I've Got Something to Show You

No, it's not a finished sweater for Kate, although by now I certainly should be able to do that.

It's this:


Look, I bought a new bag! What a surprise. Okay, it's not really a surprise, if you've been reading here for any amount of time. If there's one thing that I can always find an excuse to buy, it's a new bag.

Cathy's making these bags and selling them in her Etsy store. Mmm, mmm, with all the Ravelry madness around here, I had forgotten all about Etsy. I don't do enough exploring on Etsy (and my checking account weeps with gratitude).

I love my bag! Cathy uses hers to tote around small knitting projects, like socks. I can certainly see this bag coming in handy for that. I, however, use it for my just need to run down the street bag, or my just going for a quick dinner in the neighborhood bag. I throw my wallet, keys, Metrocard, and phone in there and I'm ready to go. I also find the strap handy for looping over a bicycle handle, or looping on another bag (like a shopping bag).

The craftsmanship is excellent. Take it from someone who sews enough to know that she would need a lot of practice to sew this well, especially with beefy upholstery fabric like this. Look at the interior!


And look how those stripes match (great job with the zipper, Cathy)


I really love this bag!


Oooh. What a beautiful bag! *Click* Seller entered into favorites... ;)

Wah! They are sweet, non? I wanted the purple regal one but now they are all gone... :(

I'm so glad that Cathy sold the Spiders a few bags so we could test them out :) They're pretty and sturdy!

While I love the bag, I want to see the sweater!

nice bag! I just ordered one from her etsy shop - YAY!

So there's the reason for the extra hits today :) You make me blush so! I'm so glad you love the bag.

Cathy is a sewing cracker jack, I have been admiring these bags and making it over to Etsy to nab one is now a priority!!


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