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A finished sweater for Kate!


This will go down in the annals of knitting history as not my best knit. The body was too short, but I fixed that. The sleeves? Something tells me that they're too short, too. I could graft additional length to them. Since I'm going to see the Kate-ster next week I can get a sense of how much length I should add if I were to add anything.

Kate's Stripey Sweater, the details:

Pattern: My version of the Child's Placket Neck Pullover (sans Placket)

Yarn: Some random acrylic/wool worsted weight that I picked up in Astoria. Think Wool-Ease and you wouldn't be far from the mark.

Needles: US 7s

What I would do differently next time: make the body and sleeves longer from the get-go.

Would I knit this pattern again? You bet! Despite the sizing weirdness (which I can easily fix) I love this pattern. Throw in a striping sequence, and I am one happy subway knitter.


Yay, you did it! And you can't tell from here where you grafted it! I like that type of baby sweater, too. You can do so many little things (like stripe patterns) to them. I like to do a few rows at the shoulders of a fancy stitch or a little color pattern. Nobody ever knows its the same basic pattern over and over!

That sweater is just darling!

the sleeves probably won't go all the way down to her wrists, but as the mother of a toddler, I say that's probably for the best. Children are messy creatures and sleeves just get in the way.

Wow, you're a grafting expert! I'm sure Kate will wear this sweater to death :)

YEAH! Great look! Love the stripes and the colors! Kate is one lucky little girl! Enjoy her now they grow up REALLY fast!

so cute! it turned out great! really sleeves shouldn't be too long on a toddler anyway. they'll just get in the way of playing with things.

Too CUTE! I've always found toddler sleeves better to be a little short. Keeps baby neater that way.

Love the sweater! And I also echo the comments about the shorter sleeves -long sleeves get into their food and other good too easily!

I was wondering - do you think that the pattern take that "helix" striping technique?

3/4 length sleeves are all the baby rage - i'm sure they'll be fine :)

It's cute! And shorter sleeves are better for the little one -- less food on them.

I love the sweater! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. Hope you're enjoying your new home in NYC! Thanks for sharing.

I know that was no mean feat. Congratulations!!!

Very cute! Can't wait to hear about how it looks on her!

Very cute!! Your niece will look darling in it!

very sweet -- i love the color combo.

very sweet -- i love the color combo.

Nice work! That looked a little scary on the progress shots, but you succeded in making the stripes fit. Looks fantastic!@


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