Good Aunt/Bad Aunt

Our girl Kate is doing just fine as a newly minted one-year-old. She's mobile, chatty, and quite the ham for the camera. Toddler status seems to have done nothing but enhance her overall joie de vivre.

The sweater seems to be quite the success (good Auntie):


Kate is learning new tricks every day. I will neither confirm nor deny that I taught her this one (bad Auntie).


Amazingly, she already has a vague idea that sticking out your tongue might be a little bit naughty. Yet she enjoys it, perhaps simply because it is naughty. That's my girl!


Love the Pix! What a cutie! I too am a "bad aunt," my three yr old niece started singing " Do your boobs(should be ears) hang low" to her mom. As for the song, when we get to a certain age...

The sweater looks adorable on her, she's a sweetie!

so what was the verdict on the sleeve length?

Love the rolled up sleeves: it looks like she's about to go to the sandbox and get dirty! She'll definitely be able to wear this sweater for a while. Good job, auntie!

So very cute. Sounds like you had a fun time with her.

Auntie Colleen has been a naughty-girl teaching Kate bad things. LOL

Kate looks adorable in her new sweater. She is obviously a very bright and eager model.

Very adorable Kate! She obviously loves her sweater :)

total cutie!! and i always stick my tongue out at kids :)

Pic #1: A Beautiful shiny-cheeked angel in a very special Auntie-made sweater. Pic #2: See the twinkle in her eyes? Now that's a happy kid!!

she looks adorable in the sweater - what a smile! now she needs a sweet little hat ;-) to wear when it's cold out... hope you're having a good trip!

You are everything an aunt should be!

Yup, all an aunt should be. Who teaches us the fun stuff? Our aunts and uncles! The sweater is beautiful!

Kate is completely adorable, and the sweater looks great. Perfect for fall! Hope you are having a good time on your visit!

Beautiful knit on a charming girl. Funny how naughty seems to be hardwired behavior. Isn't that what Aunties are for??

Oh that's precious, I can't bring myself to knit sweaters for my nieces. I just have visions of spaghetti stains and my sister trying to wash wool .


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