Finishing Out the Week with an FO

Thank you all for your thought-provoking comments about PDF patterns versus the real thing on paper. Apparently more than a few designers aren't happy about the recent developments over at Interweave. Because patterns can be shared with a click of a button, designers are concerned that this will make copyright infringement even easier. If I can extract anything, however, from the comments I received yesterday, it's that most of you are in favor of this service. I have to agree. It's unfortunate that some people don't respect (or even understand) copyright. For those who are bent on sharing knitting patterns with their nearest and dearest, it's just as easy to stop at Kinkos on the way to knitting group as it is to click "forward". Personally, I would be less likely to ask a friend for a copy if I knew that I could easily and instantly download a pattern for a small charge.

Those of you who mentioned shipping costs had a very good argument for the PDF, in my opinion. I especially appreciated those comments from readers who don't have easy access to the American knitting-pattern market. I feel your pain. I don't have easy access to the European chocolate market. Hmmm, I sense an opportunity here. If anyone from over on that side of the pond wants a pattern from this side, please be in touch.

Let's finish out the week with an FO. Two FOs actually, for two babies.


Fraternal hats for fraternal twins! Look carefully: either hat is the opposite of the other. Close, but not identical. And they're not gender specific colors, perfect for a pair of girl-boy twins. This way Mom and Dad don't have to think about which kid is getting which hat.

Alert readers might recognize the yarn as that left over from Kate's sweater, but with the striping pattern of the most recent baby knit. Both are, indeed, true. I didn't think that Kate would mind sharing, she's a generous kid.

Wow, it's really been baby knitting summer 'round here. I like knitting for babies. The projects are small, the patterns are cute, the colors are usually bright pleasant. Small, cute, and pleasant: just what I need right now. I'm kinda itching to begin a larger project, but this has got to wait until after I move.

What's next? Well, if yesterday's post didn't tip you off, socks are next on the needles. For memememememe!


It was fun to see you on Let's Knit 2gether. Love the fraternal hats. I knitted fraternal entrelac hats for my sister and niece for Christmas last year. They loved the not quite identical look.

I've been following your topic about the patterns, and it's VERY interesting. I finally put my scarf pattern online as a PDF because it's free. But for folks selling their patterns, it's a tough one. Is these days of everything done easily, and lax ethics to copyright issues, it's a HOT topic.
And those hats are SO cute, and the pompoms turned out perfectly.
(I have some photos I took for you that will be posted next week.)

One of the issues not addressed yesterday is errors in patterns. Much easier to fix if a PDF than printed form. Make the adjustment and its done! I have had a rash of pattern errors lately, so ts on my mind. That's one of those things that seem to come in spurts.
Love the hats too! I have fraternal twins so I spent many hours making the similiar yet not same items when they were little.

Love those hats!

I suspect that it's a generational question as well. I know that Kathy Zimmerman and Lisa of Lisa Knits are very opposed to pdf patterns as they have been burned a lot in the past. When it comes down to it, it's a question of ethics, and most knitters I know value someone's intellectual/artistic property and wouldn't readily infringe upon that.

Oh good - I'm glad you've got something on the needles for you! The hats are wonderful! I'm in the midst of twin knitting, and would love to do something like the hats, but the parents to be are very gender specific color people, so while I love the mix it up idea, they may not appreciate it. I also love knitting for babies.

I have never understood why people would even consider copying a copyrighted pattern and sharing with all their friends. These same people wouldn't dream of walking into the designer's home and stealing whatever they fancied - yet they are stealing everytime they "share" someone's hard work in developing the pattern. For myself, I live in a rural area - my LYS has a fairly good selection of patterns, yarns, etc. but I do enjoy the convenience of ordering a .pdf file (instant gratification) in my jammies.

chiming in here, i don't see how getting a PDF and then forwarding it to a few of your friends who want to make it is any different than checking books out of the library and making copies. really. now, in general, i don't know many people who WOULDN'T buy the PDF pattern from an independent knit designer online. there seems to be a disconnect between independent knitters who are trying to make a buck or two on the side (in that case people will most likely pay for the PDF) and a large corporation like interweave (where many people will borrow a friend's copy).

love the hats by the way.

Getting a copy of a pattern from a magazine for free is as easy as stopping into your local library and checking out the magazine. FOR FREE. I don't understand, and the gals I work with at the yarn shop don't either, the difference between 1,000 people reading the same library copy and 3 people using a copy from the same magazine, if it's all for personal use.

Hi Collen,
Come visit before the colder weather.

What you did with the hats I like doing with socks I stripe myself.

The hats ARE quite cute and will probably be loved. Therein lies the problem... you DO realize that if they fit the babies long enough, it won't matter what mom/dad think - the kids will KNOW which hat is whose and WILL throw fits if they don't get the "right" one!! Ahhh the joys of parenthood :-)

I love being able to download patterns. But if you are suggesting that European chocolates might be available in PDF form, I'm even more intrigued with that. Where's true innovation when you need it?

Cute hats.

hmmmmm, chocolates for patterns, sounds like a sweet deal to me.

I'm a PDF fan myself :)

Love the hats - maybe it's time to be less knit-selfish....

Copyright infringement pisses me off. My husband is a musician and when someone "just" burns a copy so they won't have to buy it, they are taking money away from him. I will say that I would gladly pay for the pattern and think that overall it's a pretty good idea. sicne it can be hard to find back issues of Interweave. After all, if someone wanted to photocopy a hard copy pattern, most computers have that capability too.So it's still extremely convenient for the nefarious types.

I like being able to download PDFs - now. However, until recently they were a pain because I was at the mercy of a dial-up connection. Bear in mind that many people still are and PDFs can take forever to load. Snail mail can be an advantage in that case.

I like being able to download PDFs - now. However, until recently they were a pain because I was at the mercy of a dial-up connection. Bear in mind that many people still are and PDFs can take forever to load. Snail mail can be an advantage in that case.

Yeah, right there with you on the PDFs. Only then I save them in a folder w/o printing them out and forget that I have them.... Anyway, love the pom poms.

Cute hats! I like the opposite-ness. Good idea:)


Oh yeah, re: the pdf's. I've never been asked to forward a paid-for .pdf pattern. I have never done it, either. Most of the ones I have were free and then, I save them on my hard drive and only print them if I am knitting them.



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