Hmm, another Monday, another Monday with Photoshop problems. What up with this?

Anyway, these days if I'm on the internet and I'm not blogging, then you can somewhat guess where I am. Thanks to the Rav, I discovered (or finally realized) that one of my very favorite knitwear designers is Véronik Avery!

Véronik uploaded a bunch of her designs to her Ravelry page. On a recent Ravelry expedition, I somehow I clicked through to there. As I scanned her photos I realized that she's the source of many of the designs that I've coveted since becoming a knitter. Coveted, but never knitted. That's another story. Over and over I thought "Oh yeah, remember that. Love that!'

Designs like this skirt:

(Interweave photo, saved to my server)

I had forgotten about this skirt, and just how much I liked it. Furthermore, it's stood the test of time. I liked it when the pattern was first published, and I still like it now.

Then I noticed that she has a new book out. Oh my. Must. Have. That. Book.

[Remembers the book/yarn embargo currently in effect chez Subway Knitter QNS. *Drat* Remembers that Christmas isn't too far away. *Smile*]

But if, you know, someone in the marketing department of Stewart, Tabori and Chang, happens to read this post, and, you know, happens to have a review copy of this book lying around, I would be happy to, you know, write about it here. Just sayin'.

But if, you know, someone in the marketing department of Stewart, Tabori and Chang is reading this blog, I should act a little cooler about this. (Or at least make it seem less certain that I totally WANT THAT BOOK!) Why would any marketing type send me that book for free when they pretty much know that I (or someone else who might be shopping for me) will buy it? Indeed, there's a Borders right up Broadway from the offices of Subway Knitter. Right up the street. Mere steps...

Oh dear. How many days 'til Christmas?


ok, that book looks amazing. i want you to get it, so that i can borrow it. :)

I love her designs too! If STC sends you the book, you better bring it to Spiders...

Thea lasted exactly 2hrs after seeing my copy to buy her own. It's a GREAT book. I think quite a few Knitsmiths queued her designs after seeing it.

Any idea when Ravelry will be accepting more knitters? I put my name on the list a while back.

Hope someone is getting that book for you right now.

We're thinking alike, Colleen. This book has been on my wishlist for weeks.

You are not alone. When I am lusting after a design, I can almost guarantee that it is by Veronik Avery. Off to hunt her down on Ravelry....

Oh, I am sooo sold on that book - beautiful designs.

saw that book at Carol's and owned it in less than 24 hours. She's amazing, isn't she? That black shell, it'll be mine soon - and the red sweater, and the little mohair tee shirt, and the obi scarf, and aand aaaand...

I *will* own that book as soon as I can get my sticky little paws within grabbing distance of it. Veronik Avery was the first designer I gravitated to when I learned to knit three years ago, and my happy orbit of her genius continues as fixedly as ever. I want to be her when I grow up.

And oh, Bryant Park... it's where my husband and I used to meet when I came down to visit him in the city in the earliest days of our coupledom, and it was just a few blocks from our first home together. Thanks for the little nostalgic twinges!


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