Six Booties on the Sixth

The knitting mojo might be back, but somehow that doesn't correspond into blogging more regularly. Eh, well, I'm still getting used to the routine down here. It'll show, eventually.

And eventually I might fill this apartment with booties! [Pattern link is there, and it's free.] These things are fun, and fast, to knit. I discovered that with a little "luck" (i.e. a seat for most of the ride downtown) I can knit one bootie (my spell check isn't liking that spelling) in the morning, and one at night.


Thus, we have three pairs. All I need are little button loops on the ends of the straps, and we are good to go.


They are precious!

i have seen these booties and i love them! they are adorable! for some reason, my mojo wasn't in the right place when I tried these. they are too cute!

Wow, you're churning 'em out fast and furious Colleen. Good show!

It was wonderful to meet you! And your booties! I've got 10 skeins of white worsted wool ease if you're still in the market.

Hi! I love those booties and I'm trying to make some right now (I'm a long time beginner knitter) and I am trying to find a good substitute yarn - is it a light (3) yarn? Or even lighter that you are using? I tried worsted weight cotten (Sugar N Cream) and it seems too big...Any ideas?

They are sooooo cute. And the pattern is quite clever. They look like they would stay on the little rascals, too.

Those booties look great. Is there an impending niece or nephew on the way?

I can see that getting really addictive really fast.

Good lord. That's a lot of booties.

I really like this pattern. I think it would be great for leftover sock yarn! Glad to hear you are knitting again, although it's hard to be a sticky subway knitter... fall will be here before we know it.

What cute little booties, thanks for the pattern link.

Wow, what booty booty! Very sweet.

Love the booties! Thanks for the pattern link. L

Yeah, I've already made two pair with some leftover sock yarn and will probably make another 1-2 pair plus some matching mittens for my newborn nephew before he comes along in February. I LOVE that pattern and pretty much already have it memorized.


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