Serious Knitting Time

Early yesterday morning I woke to the sounds of rain against the bedroom window and the low rumble of faraway thunder. It was cozy, so I rolled over and drifted off to sleep again.

What I should have done is immediately dressed and raced out of the apartment to catch the next subway.

Yesterday morning could best be described as commuting hell. New York needs to worry less about the next terrorist attack and worry more about the next weather forecast. And if the MTA wants us all to stay home, perhaps they should mention this before the majority of us leave for work.


It is at times like that when I am most thankful to be the Subway Knitter. Why? I'll tell you. I hopped on an N, found a seat, and while the train inched its way through Queens I inched my way up the body of Kate's sweater. As the train continued to Manhattan (after totally kidding about that whole we're-stopping-this-train-at-Queensboro-Plaza business), I continued with my stripes. All this worked well until I was unceremoniously booted off at Canal.

The colors shown in today's photo are a better representation than yesterday's. If things keep going like this I should be beginning the sleeves very soon.


I remember T rides like that when I worked in SF. If only I was knitting then... looks lovely though!

You need to knit a coordinating hat to match!

god, yesterday was hellish. welcome to NYCTA incompetency at its best!

I'd rather have rain you can knit in, than air you can't breathe. This is the fifth day of code red smog conditions in Hotlanta! Its an excuse to sit inside and knit in the AC!Hope things are better today!

So sorry about the bad weather and poor transit coordination. Seems it's something all large systems suffer from (hello, Chicago?) but hooray for you putting your time to good use!

As a Bostonian myself (and a displaced Long Islander) I'm amazed that the MTA actually managed to beat the MBTA. I've envied you your move, if only for the public transportation system. Now I no longer feel quite so bad. ;)

It is nice to have something productive to work on when trapped in travel/commuting limbo. I spent 7 hours at BWI a few months ago, and the only reason I didn't go insane was the sock I was furiously working on. The colors are great!

Doesn't sound like fun, except for the excellent knitting progress.

You know, when I saw the headline in on the Times page, I immediately thought, "Colleen's gonna get a lot of knitting done!"

When I saw all those reports on the new yesterday, you came to mind. And I wondered why they didn't announce for people to NOT use the system until things got cleared. Even Boston had some good resources back when the green line was flooded in.
You can come back to Boston any time you're ready. Really.

When I heard about the weather NYC had yesterday, I thought of you and wondered how you were doing.

When I heard about the weather NYC had yesterday, I thought of you and wondered how you were doing.

Ya see, that's why I live where is no underground anything for humans. Heck, most homes here don't even have basements! Kate's sweater is going to be quite grown-up looking.

As a fellow subway knitter I could not agree more with you~ knitting kept me sane yesterday ~happy even... I was actually in a great mood despite being surrounded by hundreds of furious and confused New Yorkers because I got tow hours to work on my current project.
So heres to the ill-informed MTA, the fellow passengers grateful to have someone non-threatening to watch while the train stalls in the tunnel and being able to find peace on the train...

I heard about all the mayhem in NY! I'm glad I started taking knitting with me, just for situations like traffic jams and long lines. I'm much less apt to get mad if I've got some knitting to do!

colleen...every time i turn on the today show and see another NYC weather related bizzarro situation, i shake my head. i lived there for 10 years and experienced less than you have this summer alone...hey, we're having another going away party for dana this weekend...wonder if this time it'll stick...miss you

You were so lucky to get a seat! All that knitting time. You're right about the weather concerns here, they have all those posters about having emergency plans because they know a bad hurricaine can essentially shut down the city *shudder*.


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