No, this isn't a post about seeing the Yarn Harlot somewhere (although that would be totally cool if I did and this were).

As Decision 2008 (or whatever silly title some network executive invents this time) looms large for American voters, I must remind all of us knitters in the US of the collective might we have.

Although I do take issue with the fact that this article is filed under Slate's "Low Concept" series. Knitting low concept? Harumph! I challenge Jessica Whatever-Her-Name-Is to turn a short-row heel and tell me that kind of magic is "low concept".

Knitters: we will not be ignored!


Hilarious--'the craft vote', I love it!!

I wonder how many politicians can say they've knitted socks with short-row heels or a sweater with raglan shaping....

low concept? forget short rows, what about pictoral lace, steeks, and bohus? I dare Guilliani to make a bohus.

Crafters vote ought to count double! After all we are thinking people! How else could you conquer the pattern with errors and still make it look right!
Come to think of it, we need a crafter to run for office! Wouldn't it be fun to see our president discussing world issues with the back of a Gansey sweater on circular needles knitting away as they talked? Talk about a photo op!

I admit it, I like the Departmnet of Homeland Security Blanket.

It would definitely be cool to see Obama with a set of DPN's turning a heel at a convention during all the dull speeches. I'd be tempted to figure out a way for a Canadian to vote for the U.S. presidency.

ROFLAMO! Craft Vote? That will be just like trying to herd cats.

Reminds me of my favorite shirt. It says, "I Knit And I Vote" and it reeeeeally puzzles people.
Take a look!

Thanks for a great link. Ok, the story is patronizing but the link to crafts was fantastic. I've never laughed so hard on seeing the DHS blanket or gun cozy!! I soooo want that blanket!


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