Operation Shortrow

I have the perfect excuse for not blogging yesterday. I, Subway Knitter, was on a secret mission!

"A secret mission?" you ask. "In New York City?" Indeed! A secret mission to KIP (or knit in public, to the person who asked).

Of course, everything being all secret-mission like, I grabbed some supplies:


And headed to an undisclosed location:


Upon arrival at said undisclosed location, I did a quick visual recon:



and connected with my undercover informant. My undercover informant actually coined the name of this operation in a well-encrypted email message, and I almost fell off of my chair back at SKHQ (that's Subway Knitter Headquarters). That whole "Viva Knitsmiths South" business over on the right of my blog? That's all Shireen, uh, I mean, the work of my fellow agent.

Our first task? Sustenance.


Here's the secret password: black-and-white shake. Repeat after me: black-and-white shake. Mmmm-mmm good.

Once that was out of the way, we liaised with fellow field operatives:


[Please note second KIP photo in two days. Could things be picking up?]

And then we got to work:


Yup, I'm still pecking away at Kate's sweater. Graft, graft, graft. It's going rather well, Better pictures to follow.


I love the super-secret nature of the knit-op! The photos are a lot of fun, too.

I love your subway photos!

ha! thanks for the morning laughs. What fun!

I can't wait to see Kate's sweater...

sounds like fun!! and mmmmm black and white shakes!

I love black & whites too! Best kind!
Good luck with the grafting.

Hilarious post!
I'm sure you'll be done grafting in no time.
I saw a man dressed as superman and wearing cowboy boots in the subway yesterday. I seriously considered taking his picture while he held my knitting, to submit for your blog... But it looks like you don't need goofy staged photos!

Was that the Shake Shack in the background? I've never had a shake there, actually. Very strange, now that I think about it.

The sweater is looking too adorable!

What's a black&white shake? It seems I'm missing out on something important. And I'm really looking forward to seeing how that sweater turns out.

did you guys run around buildings, peer around corners, and brandish your needles? Love love love black and white shake. It's only equal is the black and white cookie.

Do you happen to know the girl in the colorful dress in the 5th picture. I love it and want to have it!

Love love love the black & white shake. It's very bad that I work around the corner from the shack. Very, very bad.

Fantastic!! hope that grafting is fully pecked away at by now.

Fun! The subway train is great for adding momentum to a post on stalking the public.

I used to work right near there... Oh, the fries I used to get there!

I used to work right near there... Oh, the fries I used to get there!


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