Mystery BUS Knitter of the Week!

The sorry state of KIPing affairs around here means that I must resort to others' pictures of KIPers.


Colleen (I know, it's about to become confusing) upon reading of my troubles in capturing the KIPers of NYC Transit, graciously sent me this picture of a knitter on her bus. Thank you Colleen (not me), for making this blog a little bit better.


I do remember it being easier to knit on the bus than the subway....

Do you want us to send in self portraits? :)

Ohh, we have bus knitters here, too! I know because I'm one and I saw others :o)

It's usually easier to see people KIP when they can sit down and actually have some space - the 2 together can be hard to get :)

I never meet so many knitters as when I myself am knitting on the subway...they always sit down next to me and ask me questions about my project or the type of needle I am using. Have any knitters ever seen themselves on your blog?

Well, it IS summer, and knitting of any kind seems a little...heated? I DO lucet every day on the bus. Does that count?

I am enjoying following your adventures in NYC. NYC scares me a little - it's so BIG. And you can't see enough sky for this Texas girl. :)

Anyway, your KIP snap raises a question for people in NYC really wear heels everywhere?! I just can't imagine walking the city like that. Blows my mind when I see people hobbling around Boston in those shoes...

HA HA! Glad you could use it! Not sure what she was knitting though, it looked like a big seed stitch scarf in navy blue.

Wait...what?? I think my head's going to explode. Glad to see you're not alone in the search tho ;-)

That is a very nice person to brighten your blog like that.

What does KIP stand for? And I agree, we are here, knitting away on the NYC subway... (you just need to find us!)

Wenders- no, I never wear heels! not with all that walking I do!


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